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'The Vampire Diaries': New spoilers tease end of season 5 and season 6

Caroline will deal with her feelings for Stefan on season six of TVD.
Photo by Jason Merritt

Fans of "The Vampire Diaries" know that the end of season five is quickly approaching. There are big things coming up during the season five finale, and those events will set up things for season six. On April 25, Access Hollywood shared new comments made by Caroline Dries about the series and what is coming up next. The season finale titled "Home" will change things completely for the series.

What will happen on the episode? Screen Spy revealed that everyone will try to stop the end of The Other Side. Bonnie and others will be taken from this world if the supernatural limbo disappears. Spoilers have revealed that fans will see three permanent deaths before the end of the season, and one of those could be Bonnie. With Kol even scared about the end of the limbo place, it is clear that big things are happening.

The season five finale will also set up a new romance for season six. During the season finale, Liv will make a comment about Stefan that will cause a huge reaction out of Caroline. A romance between Caroline and Stefan has been teased for several seasons, and fans will get to see that develop during season six. Caroline's feelings for Stefan will cause problems between her and Elena, so she will try to fight them at first.

However, Caroline Dries did tease that Caroline will act on those feelings next season. It is clear that Elena and Stefan are in the friend zone, so a new relationship for Stefan is not out of the question. Waiting until season six will allow him to heal and move on completely from Elena. Elena and Damon will have their own issues as the season ends though.The next episode will feature the pair in close quarters with Caroline and Stefan.

What do you think? Are you excited to see Stefan and Caroline move forward and explore a relationship next season? Are you worried about the end of The Other Side and the deaths to come before the end of this season?

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