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The vampire and rabies connection according to Juan Gomez-Alonso

Many have been trying to wrap their brains around reading superstitions, one superstition, the vampire has always made people wonder why their ancestors believed that a undead creature was going around sucking blood. Even to this day there are people out there that believe that a vampire is possible. Well the post interesting look at what a vampire could have been for villagers is someone with rabies. It was Juan Gomez-Alonso that thought about that while he was watching a "Dracula" movie in the late 70s.

Okay so here's more about him and his findings:

Who was Juan Gomez-Alonso?

Juan Gomez-Alonso was a Spanish neurologist that studied about rabies and how it affected people. He made the notion that our ancestors believed in vampires because of scattered outbreaks of rabies in and around the Balkans. He published a thesis on this theory. Like stated before he got this idea while watching a "Dracula" film in the 70s and noticed similarities between the two.

His Study:

When looking at these points, you'll notice from the first to the last effect, they are very closely related to each other. So take a look at the first one for rabies and the first one for vampirism, you'll see the same similarities. Read on and make your judgements between them. This was researched by reading some of Juan Gomez-Alonso's study.

Rabies and its effects:

  • People with rabies have been known to bite people.
  • They can experience an increase sex drive.
  • Often experience insomnia and can be seen wandering around at night.
  • Bright lights can affect them.
  • Smells also, so the strong aroma of garlic can make anyone sick with rabies.
  • Those who die from it, there bodies that were exhumed have had blood flowing from their mouths.

Vampirism and its effects:

  • The urge to bite others for blood.
  • Just from folklore and now the movies vampires have a very sexual allure to them and activity.
  • They wander at night.
  • Can't be around garlic or the sunlight.
  • When found in their coffins they look alive especially with the red blood lips!

So you can see from his research and vampire folklore on how closely related it is. Tuberculosis in New England was a cause of vampire panic, so the thought of rabies isn't too far behind.


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