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The value of honesty

Good manners in child development
Good manners in child development

Honesty and sincerity cooperate together. When we live honest lives, our children are able to feel the freedom of our sincerity in raising them to do the same. Simple things like learning to count change rather than depending on the cash register to give the change total, helps create an understanding of financial honesty.

Following through on promises, the simple kinds, creates trust and honesty. Living up to standards you describe in your life gives our child a sense of honesty. Dressing in ways which express your character and being aware of dress standards which contradict it creates honesty.

Giving your child responsibilities creates honesty. Their household chores support the household in meaningful ways. Family time together is the greatest reward for everyone working together to help support the smooth running of the household. Parents honestly need help. Help from children is truly valuable.

Driving in a way that is honest gives insight into solving daily problems of being on time and handling traffic frustrations in a constructive way. Filling your time in the car with uplifting music and recorded books makes everyone feel engaged in ways that use the mind’s capabilities in good ways.

It is honest to know the difference between good behavior and bad behavior. What a gift to teach your children how to act in ways which allow them to interact with awareness in social situations. Honest reactions of appreciation around them support our children.

An honest assessment of talent and opportunities leads our children in constructive directions. Honest encouragement of our children’s fantasies and dreams helps them to become innovative and strive for their own fulfillment, not someone else’s measurement of their success.

All through our time with our children, we can express our own honesty through our own feelings, striving to accomplish our dreams, and our good social graces. We enrich our children’s lives through the honest ways we live.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage

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