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The value of hiring an interior designer


A successful remodel thanks to the assistance of an interior designer!

Interior designers are often called on a job after a homeowner has decided that they are in over their heads, or at a loss how to navigate through the project that they have been dreaming about for months. Understanding the value of an interior designer in the preparation phase of a project could mean the difference between a successful and timely completion versus a project that is over budget and a huge source of stress for the homeowner.

An experienced interior designer has the insight to help you budget for your project, locate skilled contractors, educate you on the materials and project scopes that are going to offer the greatest return, and they will hold your hand throughout the process. Some homeowners believe that they are saving money by performing these tasks on their own, in their spare time. Hey, it might even be fun to do, right?!  Maybe. Realistically, when the phone starts ringing 15 times a day with contractors asking questions, such as what side of the tub should the drain be on, or how far apart should the pendant lights be above the island, you may find yourself wondering if you really have the time, patience or knowledge to do this on your own.

Interior designers are experts in the world of design and remodeling. Consider their role in your project just as important as a hiring a CPA to prepare your taxes, or a mechanic to work on your car. These are experienced professionals who do this for a living. Their expertise is intended to lessen the burden on you and create beautiful outcomes, without all of the stress and costly mistakes.

 For more info:  To locate a qualified interior designer to assist you with your next project, check out these valuable resources; Angie's List, American Society of Interior Designers,


  • Teri 5 years ago

    Thank you for the helpful hints. We went to Home Depot to start gathering information to remodel our guest bath & was overwhelmed with all of the questions they were asking US, in order to gather the knowledge they needed to answer OUR questions. After an hour, we had pretty much given up. After a friend recommended your articles, I have hope again. Keep them coming!