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The value of a good church

For me, McKinney Memorial Bible Church off of Hulen has met all the criteria listed.
For me, McKinney Memorial Bible Church off of Hulen has met all the criteria listed.
Photo: Julia Tidd

You hear stories about how people went to a church only to feel rejected and ostracized but that isn’t the way it is for most people. If you are in need of a good church home, here are some things to look for:

A good church will be somewhere your heart feels at home. Somewhere you feel the sermons speaking to you.

A good church will be somewhere you look forward to going and miss when you are away. Not out of some sense of obligation but from a true sense of longing.

A good church will be somewhere you want to take your friends so that they can have the same experiences you do.

A good church will stay true to the Bible. It won’t put its own spin on things. A good church will let you know the good as well as the bad. You will be challenged to explore where you are in your relationship with God.

A good church will have people with open arms who genuinely want to include you in the Good News. They will give you refuge when you need it, encouragement when it is called for and never judgement.

They will be there when your relationship falls apart. They won’t judge you because that is not for us to do. They will point out, in a loving manner, when you are on the wrong path. They will shelter you when life has gotten too hard.

You will know you belong to a good church when the very thought of having to leave it causes you anguish.

A good church is something you can pass on to your children as a legacy. The church will be there for the dedications of your children to God, for their baptisms, their marriages and, one day, their funeral.

A good church is more than a weekly outing. It can become your way of life, helping you to be in the world but not of the world. And a good church will lovingly send you off to the next stage of your life God has in store for you.

For me, McKinney Memorial Bible Church has done all of this. The thought of relocating our family from Fort Worth to another state is exciting in a bittersweet way. I will deeply miss McKinney and the lessons it has taught me; however, I know God will provide an equally great church for us once we get where we are going.

There are many churches in the Fort Worth area and a good many of them meet the criteria listed above. How do you find these churches? You can ask friends of yours who are Christian and who exhibit Christ in their lives where they go and attend with them. You could also simply make the decision to visit the next church you pass. If that one doesn’t feel like home to you, try another one the next week. I truly believe God will lead you to the one you are meant to attend.

As an aside, as I mentioned above, my family and I are moving. We will no longer be in the Fort Worth area so I will be hanging up my hat as the Fort Worth Christian Living Writer. Thank you all for reading my ramblings and for making this stage in my life a great one.


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