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The value of a gift culture

Sharing a large book
Sharing a large book

Sharing our gifts allows us to learn who we are. Showing our young children that they already have gifts they can share gives them a sense of value within themselves. They can learn that because they are loved, they can love, too. When they are around someone who is considerate, they can learn be considerate, too.

The gifts of being a helper, offering a smile of encouragement, being a good friend, and being polite are all valuable. These little gifts which are given constantly fill up our lives with happiness and peace. Teaching our children how to live peaceful and happy lives is the best gift we can share with them.

When we look to what we have, both in our household and the ideas that come to us to share, we are realizing our true wealth. We are living in a constant gift culture. This becomes a daily gift culture. This practice allows us to feel valued and recognized all the time.

It also allows us to value and recognize the people around us and to treat them with consideration. This keeps the feeling of living and working within a “gift culture” going.
I express these ideas in a song I wrote for young children called “Gifts in My Family.”
You may download it here at this link:

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