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The Vagabond canoe review


Take your Vagabond canoe on a trip down a river

The Vagabond solo canoe from Wenonah represents an ideal match of stability, efficiency, and responsiveness in a light weight package easily managed by one person. If you are thinking of canoeing alone, this may be the perfect canoe for you. The Royalex version weighs in at about 45 pounds and at 14 ½ feet, it is one of the most easy canoes to car top. Attaching this canoe to your car or truck won’t become a laborious process intended for the solicit of several friends. It also is very easy to carry this canoe down to your favorite body of water.

Although there is plenty of volume in this canoe, it is best used for day trips or weekend outings with plenty of room for all the essential ingredients such as a tent, sleeping bag, water, small cooler and even the fishing pole and tackle box.

The Royalex version is made to take on lighter rapids and soon builds the confidence in an inexperienced paddler. The Vagabond has the ability to bounce off rocks and boulders that may get in the way. In addition to being a very durable material, it is also virtually maintenance free. Exposure to UV rays from the sun will degrade the material over time so it is best to apply a protectant designed for Royalex canoes such as 303 Surface Cleaner and Protectant.

The shallow arch hull and slim profile of the Vagabond allow for the popular straight shaft type of paddle or the more efficient double blade type more typically used with a kayak. Regardless of which paddle you prefer, the slim design combined with only moderate rocker produces a canoe which transforms every stroke into forward momentum. The Vagabond tracks well and uses less energy than a more heavily rockered canoe. Combined with a double blade paddle it will outperform a kayak of similar size.

For those just venturing into the sport or even experienced paddlers looking for a well built, sturdy and fun canoe, the Wenonah Vagabond will get your adventure started.