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Girl move on
Girl move on

If a woman has spent any amount of time on the dating scene she has encountered many types of men that seem to fit particular profiles. They carry similar characteristics and behaviors. I believe there is someone for everyone. With that being said, these are the types I avoid at all costs.
1. Mr. MIA- This guy seems perfect from the time you meet. Every text or phone call is "Hello beautiful." He knows that this touches your insides much more than "cutie" or "sexy." He asks you out on a real date, opens all doors for you, and throws in forehead kisses. He plies you with wine and sends you John Legend songs to listen to. Then one day you don't hear from him. Odd, but not alarming. Another day goes by and you text, "hey you everything ok?" No reply. Now you start to worry. This is so out of character. Our last date was perfect. You never hear from him again. He went AWOL before your relationship ever blossomed. This fella is the hardest to understand. Did you join the CIA? Did you die? How hard Is it to just pick up the phone and say, "Hey I met someone else"?
2. The Internet Pimp- Name a social media of dating website this guy has been on it. Don't tag your girls in pics because he will go down the last and friend every last one of them. Pull up Tinder or any other dating app and he is on all of them. The internet is his smorgasbord. The peculiar thing is that out of all the women he meets, it never sticks. He finds something wrong with everyone. The fear that someone better is just a click away has skewed his dating barometer. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence for this one.
3. Overseas Basketball Player Past His Prime- If you meet a guy who plays overseas, is over 30 and doesn't have his own crib turn around and walk the other direction. He probably has a degree. He intends on having a coaching career. He will never live up to his potential. If he spends less than a month actually playing ball that generates income, he is jobless. He doesn't want to give up NBA pipe dreams nor does he want a real job. This guy crashes on someone's couch 6-9 months out of the year and spends his free time playing pickup games at 24 Hour Fitness. He will take your income tax check and ruin your credit.
4. Momma's Boy- We have a soft spot for a man that worships his mom. She is probably a single mother. She raised him as the apple of her eye. This doesn't sound bad until you realized your a dealing with a grown spoiled brat. He never had to pick up after himself or learned to clean. That is a woman's i.e. your job. Consider yourself his personal maid, cook and housekeeper-
5. The Industry Cat- He is a promoter, dj, bartender or bouncer. You are lucky to get a date on Tuesday or Wednesday night. The preference for him is afternoons or booty calls. He knows everyone on the social scene. Every socialite in the city is either kissing his cheek, posing with a pic with him or in his text messages. This is part of his job. He calls it networking. You will spend the whole relationship wondering which of these girls he is or has slept with. Expect many sleepless nights.
6. The Workaholic- He fancies himself a hustler and truth be told he is. He is in love with money. He has a full-time gig and works 12 hour days or a full-time and a part-time. Be wary because he is either so far in debt that he has no choice or he is a slave to material things. You will always be simmering on the back burner.
7. Habitual Liar- He is so accustomed to lying and covering his tracks that it is second nature to him. He lies about anything and everything. He most likely grew up in a strict household and had to make up stories just to get out of the house. You will never know the real story with this guy.
8. The Rebounder- This sad soul just got out of a relationship that ended badly. He is co-dependent and hates to be alone. He is also hell bent on proving to his ex that he "won." One day he is changing his status to single and they next he is posting pics of his new Bae. It might seem great to of found a guy who is so open to establishing a label that you don't see the warning signs. He needs to be wrapped in caution tape. It is all a show and he is secretly hoping his ex will get jealous and come back to him.
If you keep running into these types I suggest you start fishing in a new pond, ladies.

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