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The USS Nightmare will charge your night with fear


USS Nightmare

     The USS Nightmare is one the best haunted houses around, which sits right here on the banks of the Ohio. Well done with attention paid to detail, these scenes weren’t built by high school students. You won’t find a fake look that is common in many haunted houses.
     The crazed captain of the USS Nightmare will greet you, only to leave you for his ghoulish crewmembers, many of which are dead. Clowns, mummeries, vampires, and a host of creepy characters lunge at you from every turn. While much longer than the typical haunted house that has been made up for season, your trek won’t shoot you out the backdoor in ten minutes.
     You will remember your trip through the USS Nightmare, with several of the rooms standing out. The experience is well worth the price despite the fact that some of the rooms are better than others and some of the “actors” are better than others.
     The lines, which can be long, serve as a drag on the fun. People move through at a steady stream, which takes away from the frightening effect. It would be scarier it you went through as a small group with space in between each group but the long lines won’t allow for such. Be prepared for a wait after you purchase your ticket.
     The USS Nightmare is open from now until November 1, 2009. Thursday and Sunday 7 pm to 11 pm, Friday and Saturday 7pm to 1 am. Tickets are $15.00 and group rates are available. The ship sits docked just below Newport on the leeve. More information can be found at their web site: