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The USS Midway steady work lesson

Student arrivals at the USS Midway Museum learn basic work science and values.
Student arrivals at the USS Midway Museum learn basic work science and values.
Adam Benjamin

Active fun makes the lesson days 2nd to 8th graders experience carry through. Hard work on exploring the USS Midway ship to learn how it works, hands on, makes the grade at the museum that stands open to the public.

In the 2nd grade education programs run on the learning laboratory that floats on the San Diego Bay, students start work on measuring the boxes and aircraft engines on the flight deck. Like the thousands of servicemembers who sailed on the ship during the longest work run served by an aircraft carrier in the 20th century. Measurement leads the work on science, math, and social studies. All three key California COntent Standards.

Carrying out the mission America heard the word on lined up the roles the deck hands and pilots took from the end of World War II until the ship was decommissioned after Operation Desert Storm. Students learn every servicemember who did their duty counted. And, the work tht kept the ship churning and the bridge humming.

The young called to learn taken into the education programs, inthe 4th grade, discover the men and women on duty owed a lot to the sceince that gave the ship its power. Magnets and wires in hand held generators students crank launched the Midway and sent the ship through headlong progress at sea. An emergency diesel generator the students look at guaranteed progress was steady.

Work earning social studies grades is another regular practice on board. The honor in standing by four core values during duty at sea, the volunteers and paid staff teachers agree, made every soldier a hero. Courage. Dedication. Helping others. Sacrifice. Science exeriments are practical work. Social studies lessons patriotic.

Thos not new to math and science can learn top lessons. How the USS Midway took its course using precalculus and geography.

All the eight graders learn the World War II Dauntless dive bombers and the Desert Storm F/A-18 Hornets were not single aircraft. But, part of a choreographed undertaking in motion on the flight deck. One hundred mile per hour launches and landings made the deck a high pressure and dangerous place to work. Careful study of Newton's Laws of Motion deepen the knowledge on how the USS Midway crew handled the plane motions.

Lessons are not irregular at the USS Midway Museum. Every weekday students learn. During 2014, a ten year anniversary year, the museum keeps signing up teachers' students. March and April are booked. The Midway will take in the young willing to hear the Midway ship stories in veterans voices on self guided tours.

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