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The Used tour brings them to San Diego

The Used live at the House of Blues-slide0
Photo: Lauren Wilson

With their upcoming sixth studio album, The Used are nearing the half way point of their US spring tour that will run into late April. From Orem, Utah and made up of Bert McCracken, Quinn Allman, Jeph Howard, and Dan Whitesides, they have been touring as a band for the past 14 years, performing on stages all around the world. Friday brought the boys to San Diego’s House of Blues for a night of new music and debauchery.

The Used have developed a cult following over the years, which have garnered their albums gold and platinum status all around the world. A familiar face in some of the bigger festivals such as Warped Tour and Projekt Revolution, The Used have found much success throughout the years. While they shed any sub genres of rock, their musical style is often tossed around as “emo” or “punk-rock.”

The fans in attendance were already amped for The Used after co headliners Taking Back Sunday left the stage. Many were drunk, but all were equally as excited. When The Used took the stage, everyone erupted into a frenzy as they opened with “Cry,” the single off of their new album, Imaginary Enemy. Another single, “Take It Away,” followed, this time from their 2nd album, In Love and Death (2004).

Their songs were geared more toward their older hits, from their self-titled first album (with “The Taste of Ink”) and their fifth album, Vulnerable (with “Put Me Out”). Bert throughout the show would bounce back and forth across the stage, both sides of which had a wall of television sets that would light up with the music. His arm movements were frantic, but entertaining nonetheless. Near the end of the show, the band forwent the all too common exercise of leaving the stage, only to return for the encore to the chants of “One more song!” Instead, they got the audience to chant, and jumped into the encore without even leaving the stage. They ended on a high with “On My Own,” a bit of an obscure last song from their first album.

Throughout the night, Bert was getting the entire crowd to participate within all the old punk rock antics of circle pits and a wall of death, a sight not too often seen at the House of Blues. The amount of crowd surfers seemed to grow exponentially as the night went on, as did the anticipation of the surprise that Bert seemed to frequently mention. At one point, a woman sat on the shoulders of another and as Bert sang out to the audience, there was a moment where she looked like she could cry.

With plenty of dates left to go on the tour, there’s still plenty of time to catch The Used live. Many shows will be sold out, so if that’s the case, you can still catch their newest album, Imaginary Enemy that drops tomorrow. You can check out a review for that here.

Oh, and the surprise was pizza. Lots and lots of pizza.

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