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The US Gearing Up For War With Russia

As a result of Putin's announcement on the annexation of Crimea, Joe Biden warned Russia that NATO exercises will soon be taking place in the region, while the Ukrainian army is massing along the Crimea border.

Just as Putin was making the announcement that Russia will Annex Crimea, the Ukrainian government is hard at work putting defenses South of Donetsk, which is now the new border between the Ukraine and Russia. Kiev's finance minister invested 6.9 billion in funds to go toward the effort. Tanks and troops are lining up along the border and soldiers were seen digging deep trenches that would hopefully serve to slow down the opposing army that would come against them. Other countries are reacting to the news of the annexation as well.

Vice President of the US Joe Biden is vowing that the US will put more sanctions on Russia. But other nations who are allies of the US, including Poland, say these sanctions are not working and they are in fear that they could be next to be taken over by Russia.

To address these concerns, Biden sends a clear message to Russia that the United State's commitment to defending its NATO allies is Ironclad. Along with a new set of sanctions, Biden promised there would be training exercises to be taking place in Poland. He then goes on to say that the US is now considering sending forces to the Baltic region, collectively with NATO allies to conduct ground and navel exercises.

President Obama also reacted by getting on the phone, shortly after Putin's announcement, calling upon NATO allies. He then planned to meet with this G-7 group next week to discuss further action to be taken against Russia. The group used to be the G-8 group, but because of their recent actions, Russia is no longer included.

The fact that military exercises are going to take place in the region involving NATO allies is not a good sign. Russia continues to be defiant and are saying that Crimea is now their land. It looks as though war could break out any time now between Russia and the US. A worst case scenario that would and could easily lead us into World War 3.

Wars between two super powers has the potential to bring the entire world into the battle as each nation will be forced to choose sides and participate because so much is at stake. Superpowers hold much of the world's monetary assets and it will be costly to everyone once the war begins. Many nations will suffer economically,it is likely the whole world would suffer in some way from this event. This war could ultimately lead to the hour of tribulation in which the Bible says there will be world wide war, famine and death.

The Bible also says that during the time of the end, Babylon will fall in one hour. Babylon was a superpower in the Bible, so the term Babylon in this day in age, is referring to the modern day superpower of the world, which would be the United States of America. If war of this magnitude between the US and Russia should break out, it could very well be the time for Biblical prophecy to come to pass such as the economic fall of the US. Only two warring superpowers has the ability to make it all happen as horrifically as the Bible says it will.

But before all of this happens, as the Bible says, Jesus comes to take his people to save them from that which is about to come. Jesus says he will forgive and save anyone who comes to him asking for forgiveness, and those who want to follow him. So ask him into your heart now before it is too late. You don't have to be left behind. Jesus is coming soon, get your heart ready for him today.

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