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The US Considers Invading Syria to Control ISIS

The US is now considering going into Syria to weed out ISIS, something that should have done long ago, when Syria's President Assad was accused of using chemical weapons. He was using them to control the terrorists that were invading his country. But our President, for unknown reasons, was too worried about overthrowing Assad instead of dealing with the true issues of the people. It is becoming clear now that Putin was appearing to help Assad in order to further his own agenda, to make it look as though he was actually assisting Syria with the problems, when in fact he was causing them. Obama chose to ignore the issue all together.

But now the situation has gotten so out of control in Iraq and the threats are landing on Obama's doorstep, coming close to home, that they can no longer be ignored.

The terrorists have not only taken over oil fields, dams and so forth, they are putting terror into the lives of the Christian citizens that are living in Iraq. On June 12th alone, ISIS has claimed to have executed some 1700 people. While having control of the dam, they threatened to blow it up, which would cause a 65 foot wave to drown Iraq's major cities, sending flood waters all the way to Baghdad, threatening the lives of half a million people. There are also reports coming from the UK that ISIS has found the weapons of mass destruction that once belonged to Saddam Hussein.

Christians are running for their lives after receiving threats to convert to Islam or die. Thousands of them found refuge in a mountain top in Northern Iraq in which the US military intervened, sending in helicopters to get them out. Reports are also circulating that the US had successfully driven back ISIS, and had taken back control of the dam. But ISIS is telling a very different story to the media.

After the group had successfully kidnapped an American Journalist, they made a video that contained a message to Obama in response to the airstrikes "We will drown all of you in blood." They said this after they beheaded the American Journalist. They also said they can strike Americans "any time in any place."

A series of videos came out with threats from these terrorists. One of them was directed toward the American people, saying that there are sleeper cells in America and they are living among us. They claim that they come from people, of all walks of life. They look like us and we would not be able to distinguish them from ordinary people. In fact it was noted on one of the videos that the terrorist had a British accent.

Some of the newer videos that are circulating shows a man inside the US taking a picture of the White House and other US landmarks. But only his hand, phone and landmark with the US flag are shown. In the video he holds up his cell phone showing Arabic language, taking a picture of these landmarks for ISIS. The man then holds up a card with this message written in Arabic, but translated to English, it reads "We are in your state, we are in your cities, we are in your streets."

Governor Rick Perry has recently voiced his concern about this very issue. He said there is evidence that Islamic terror groups have made their way across the US border with Mexico, and there is evidence that ISIS has had dealings with the drug Lords in Mexico. Papers written in Arabic were found along the Mexico border just inside the United States.

But the threats continue and so do the tauntings to President Obama. The group is telling Obama to send in the troops just like the ones they defeated before in Iraq, prompting the President to feel the need to take further action.

Just recently several senators have approached Obama about running a bill through congress on military intervention beyond airstrikes in Iraq, as many fear that the airstrikes are not working. Top US military officials recommend that an intervention in Syria is necessary to weed out and destroy ISIS. Obama said he would not put military boots on the ground again in Iraq, but would he be willing to put them on the ground in Syria? As the US is being threatened directly, an invasion in Syria may be unavoidable, which could very well be a trap leading the US right into WW3. Because the backer of ISIS is Russia, going into Syria would be like entering the hornets nest.

It is not a secret how Putin feels about the United States, especially after all the sanctions imposed upon his country and the repeated treats coming from him. The US entering the battle field in Syria may be the kiss of death as far as Russia is concerned. This whole effort by ISIS could be the trap leading the US right into the battle ground for WW3.

World War Three is coming soon. In fact it is so near that it could happen as soon as the US drops the first bomb in Syria. This will be the time of tribulation, a time unlike any that has ever been seen before on the face of the earth, because this time nuclear weapons will be used. But Jesus promised to save those from this hour of trial who have repented of their sins and turned from them. Those who choose to follow Jesus. So ask him into your heart and let him save you from the hour of trial that is soon to come! Get your heart ready for Jesus today!

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