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The Urban Prepper: Looking ahead to 2014

The best thing about preppers in general is that they’re always predicting what lies ahead of them. A lot of people like to do this just for fun, but preppers do this as part of the business of being prepared. It’s not to say that these predictions will come true, but if you pay attention to what direction the world is heading either by the natural disasters, by man tempting fate through an economic collapse or with the onslaught of environmental pollutants you’ll be able to predict what’s around the bend.

One prediction is an economic collapse which will be brought to you by the folks on Capitol Hill.
One prediction is an economic collapse which will be brought to you by the folks on Capitol Hill.
How prepared are you Philadelphians?

You don’t have to be a prepper to understand or belief that the world is becoming more unstable every year, but with 3 million people prepping in the United States alone you have a lot of company if this is what you believe and you should believe it.

One area of concern should be the ongoing tit-for-tat that has been increasing over the years between the two feuding parties the Republicans and Democrats. These verbal grudge matches are at the point where the people no longer matter, but who is able spill the most blood is what matters.

In 2014 it has been predicted that despite there being a midterm election on November 4, 2014 nothing is really going to change. The Republicans will control what they already have and the Democrats will control what they have. It will also become clear which party will have more political square footage. If the nation’s elected leaders can’t get along why should anyone else?

The feuding among countries, different radical groups as well as religious groups throughout the world will continue to grow and infect everyone around them. This will be considered one of the ways that will cause a breakdown in society and is known in prepper circles as tyrannical political entities and is some cases will be the cause of a war.

In 2014 there will be more severe weather occurrences such as Super Storm Sandy and the winter that the Northeast is now experiencing as well as natural disasters like Typhoon Haiyan; that the issue of climate change will continue to be a hot topic for debate among scientists and meteorologists. The weather will affect almost every state, but some worse than others.

If you are planning to move out into the middle of nowhere like some preppers advise you to please be careful where you pitch your tent because no place is 100% safe. Even in the middle of nowhere there’s always the danger of fires, flooding and mud slides.

Just in case that’s not enough for you to ponder remember in Ghostbusters 2 Peter Venkman (Bill Murray) had two guests on that predicted the end of the world? Well in 2014 there are exactly two different entities predicting the end of the world. The preppers and everyone else.

Good old faithful, also known as the Doomsday Clock, still sits as five minutes until midnight. It doesn’t exactly say what day, but that doesn’t seem to be the point.

According to the Science and Security Board of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists the clock isn’t a doomsday tool, but offers it as a visual symbol of a civilization-threatening technological catastrophe.

The scientists study international threats such as nuclear armories and climate changes then they decide where the minute hand should be at on the clock. So it’s not really the clock itself that moves the hand, but people. It’s probably all very scientific. There is no report that states the scientists also study the Republicans or Democrats, the Kardashians or how many times Miley Cyrus is going to strip down to her birthday suit this year. If they did then they may really be onto something.

The scientists did have some advice for the inhabitants of earth. “We can manage our technology, or become victims of it. The choice is ours, and the clock is ticking."

Do you hear that Comcast and Apple?

The second prediction comes from those lovable little scamps at the Jorvik Viking Center. In November they sounded a horn (didn’t say what kind) to let everyone know of the arrival of Ragnarok, the Norse equivalent of an apocalypse, which signals the end of the world in 100 days. February 22, 2014 if you must know. Man this is sounding more and more like a Ghostbusters’ movie.

If this happens all morality will disappear and fights will take place all over the world which will signal the beginning of the end. The center doesn’t say if the rivers and streams will run dry while mountains separate in two and winter will immediately turns to spring. Wait. That’s Star Trek’s Search for Spock, but perhaps they got some of the script ideas from the Jorvik Viking Center.

So should you prep just because these two groups are saying you should? Of course not. However despite their so-called revelations you can already see some of these issues starting to take form.

Most prepper forecasters (if there is such a thing) predict that the state of emergency that people should most likely prepare themselves for an economic collapse.

So what is an economic collapse?

An economic collapse is when there is a complete breakdown of the economy on various levels such as a national level. It’s caused by a brutal economic depression that can last for months or even years. Other indicators of an economic collapse are civil unrest and increases in the level of poverty as well as crashes in the financial markets and different types of inflation.

Although there is some credence that lends itself to that especially after the nonsense of the political leaders during 2013 regarding the shutdown of the government and their inability to participate in bi-partisanship particularly when it is in the best interest of the nation’s residents instead of their own greedy interests. It’s their interests which will be responsible for any economic collapse.

People certainly can’t ignore the possibility of natural disasters that has been going on during the last couple of years such as devastating hurricanes, snow storms as well as the affects of global warming.

In Philadelphia every year when a massive snow storm is predicted to hit within 24 hours residents make a mad dash to their local grocery store to buy anything that’s not nailed down because they’ll be stuck inside the house for a month. Actually a snow storm in Philly terms means about 6-8 inches and the longest people have been stuck in their house during a “massive” snow storm is a week. Not everyone, just the sane ones.

You can’t help but wonder how these same people will survive a real natural disaster without being able to depend on their old standbys such as Wawa’s, Pathmark or Shop Rite. Even when they charge into the store residents don’t stock up on water or other essentials, but soda, potato chips, dip, ready-made sandwiches, cereal and milk. Way to prepare for the worst Philly.

In regards to those prepper experts it’s fine that they spend their time predicting what may or may not happen, but what’s important is that people start or continue to prep because prepping for whatever disaster usually comes down to the same things: food, shelter, water, clothing and protection from outside factors.

Stay tuned preppers 2014 has just started so it’s full speed ahead.

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