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Prayer Movement walks the talk in Denver

Forget about Zumba or martial Arts or even Yoga! Play to pray but don’t pay to play if you aren’t ready to see drastic results to the ministry of industry! In Denver the Prayer and Praise Movement will be coming to the city streets July 23 and to find out how that works e-mail

JAX prayer
Jacksonville prayer walks

A group of musicians, leaders, and pastors gathered to discuss an idea that has been tested and proven in major cities and urban centers. "It combines prayer walking in the inner city with a melting pot of urban praise," announced the music publisher of Five Points Media Group at a meeting this morning at Mission Coffee Roasters. Five Points is one of many initiatives of Ministry; Leadership and Communications an nationally active group who through sound business planning are working on the "redevelopment of our cities through five influences." The plan is to not do a concert, book, or publicity tour, but to walk the talk; prayer walk and sing over your city!

For Praying and praising out-loud-"The reason why we pray," the leader testifies; is to bring God into the conversation." He continues with several maps of major cities; "the reason why we pray out loud is that the people can hear it, and the reason why we add praise is that our praise is an effective tool in praying and it makes a difference on what happens in the city streets." Cities like Denver, New York; Orlando; and Boston have had some of the most popular singers sing over their city. Michael Jackson; Bruce Springsteen; Bono and U2 have had their work amplified in venues that hold thousands. "What if Five Points and the Urban Praise Movement; sponsor prayer and praise walks with the worship of worship leaders leading the way?"

Why we pray and why we sing-The group of inner city missionaries discussed areas where prayer and praise walks have made a significant difference in cities like Denver; Queens and the Freedom Mile in Flushing; the streets of Orlando and in the heart of Boston. "The greatest warrior who ever lived was a King and a leader, yet he was also a shepherd and a songwriter;" a pastor explained to the planning group of MLC. In a noted Biblical Dictionary the word "song" is described in this way; "Singing played a significant part in the national life of the Hebrews." The fist song was sung by Lamech (Gen 4:23-24). It was not uncommon for the Jews to compose a song celebrating some special victory or religious experience (Exod 15). The Psalter has been designated "The Song Book of Israel;" and it contains many kinds of songs. The apostle Paul urges believers to sing in both his letters to the Ephesians (5:19) and (Col. 3:16). The Book of Revelation speaks often of "heavenly singing." (Rev 5:9,14:3). King David wrote a good many psalms to encourage the people; and to pray blessings over the city and the nation; he was considered to be a "man after God's own heart," and historically is known as "God's Poet Laurette."

The Ministry Leadership and Communications is a group of men and women who are leading communities to what is truly important. The Five Points of Evangelism; reaching out to the Least of These; Media that feeds a hungry culture; prayer and praise; and community building can be found here Monday through Friday and a weekend summary. Please subscribe to these columns and get involved with ministry, leadership and communications in your town.

Vantage Point Media Platform-MLC is responsible for bringing Prayer and Praise to our cities and the National Prayer Examiner is the content curator of each area of the Ministry of Business or the Ministry of the Industry. "We are looking for worship leaders who have praise music for their cities that will be played on all of the platforms of Vantage Point." This can be in any language and multiple languages. It is of many styles of world music from folk, to rock, jazz and rhythm and blues. Men; women; boys and girls; of all kinds of backgrounds." It can also be new and traditional versions of hymns, explains the curator.

Cause and effect-The cause and effect of prayer walking with praise is being studied by the Ministry, Leadership and Communications group. Just last week in Denver prayer and praise was conducted from Emerson Street and Morey Middle School; in front of Planned Parenthood; the gay bar Charlie's; the cathedral of the Immaculate Conception and the State Capitol. "It has become routine during Denver's inner city mission that we pray for these areas and the people exposed to the constant erosion of our wills and souls. Singing praise to god that echoes in the hardest zones of Denver is an outward expression of speaking truth; singing praise to God and feeding love to a hungry culture."

Send Songs and pray: The planning commission of Ministry; Leadership and Communications is working on prayer and praise walks in Denver in July; Colorado Springs in August; Orlando this September; Flushing, Queens and Boston in October. There are also plans for Louisville, Cincinnati; and Nashville early in 2014. If you have songs of praise and prayer in your city; please submit them to or join the Vantage Point Blog; The Urban Praise Movement is applying to Broadcast Music International (BMI) as a music publisher who airs original and traditional urban praise music from cities around the world.

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