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The upside of a down economy


There aren't many bright lights in our current economic situation.  But for Cleveland movie fans on a tighter budget, you do have options. 

Option one, start your own DVD library.  Go to places like Hollywood Video, in Cleveland Heights, which is where I go, and pay as little as $5 bucks for a (lightly used) movie.  So far, I have about 500 movies.  If I and a date went to see all of those movies, without popcorn, the cost just to see those movies once would be two thirds more than what I paid.  (I now even loan out movies to friends.)

Option two, borrow movies from your local library.  If you don’t have a friend that has a 500 plus movie library, this is the next best option.  This is probably the most cost effective way to still be able to catch a movie without paying a dime. A library card is free, here in Cleveland, and you can check out as many as five movies at a time for a week and in some cases longer.

Option three, contact the Plain Dealer’s Entertainment desk, (unfortunately, I cannot give you a name), and ask about free premiere passes.  There is often an abundance of movie passes that just go to waste, because there are not enough requests.  This is another great and free way to catch a movie, without breaking the bank. 

Last, but not least, or better known as option four, view movies online.  There are sites that cater to the Hollywood blockbusters; but the sites I like keep me connected to the independent movie scene.  CreateSpace has some interesting titles, although sites like these require that after you pay, you download either the movie, software or both.  I don’t typically like those set ups because I think it encourages pirating.  Sites, like Media Moguls simply require that you login, pay for access to your movie, usually around $1, and sit back.  If you are a true independent film fan, this one’s for you.

We want to know:  If you have some options that are not listed above, I would love to hear about them.