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'The Upper Footage' Update: new trailer, intro and still a must-see

The wildly inventive found footage flick “The Upper Footage” has enjoyed great success recently. Available exclusively on video on demand through Vimeo, director Justin Cole and company have crafted a film well worth your time. The “Upper Footage” team has released an updated trailer. Interspersing truly deserved praise from critics with snippets of the thrilling movie, it definitely piques viewers’ curiosity.

Upper Movie Poster

If the new trailer isn’t compelling enough (and it most certainly is), the updated introduction is available on YouTube. The recut intro offers the first six minutes, providing a brief recap and explanation of the following footage. Related media stories during the opening come with a fascinating backstory, exhibiting director Cole’s crafty cleverness. Additionally, the recut intro suggests watching alone, in the dark and with headphones. Heed these recommendations, as they greatly contribute to the atmosphere of the film.

“The Upper Footage” is a akin to “The Blair Witch Project” meets affluenza, minus the supernatural. The film retains all the horror, amplified by the realism. Use of the found footage and shaky cam effects enhance the notion that the viewer is a participant in the on-screen actions. A brilliantly skin-crawling flick, “The Upper Footage” deserves at least one watch. Subsequent views will assuredly occur mentally as you ponder the film long after the screen shuts off.

Thankfully, Cole and company are working on another project. If “The Upper Footage” is any indication of the forthcoming movie, you won’t want to miss it either. Head over to Vimeo, shut off the lights, and press play. Just don’t forget the popcorn.

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