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The unscheduled weekend

The weekend brings you two glorious days of relief from a hectic workweek. Two days to erase the stresses of the workweek and create lasting memories with your family. You don't want to waste a second. So you plan and prepare, packing your schedule with exciting activities. You wake early on Saturday and rush out the door, jetting from one activity to the next, only to return feeling exhausted. It's time to consider a weekend without any plans, allowing yourself time to truly connect and decompress.

You might take a leisurely walk around your neighborhood, discovering treasures you never noticed speeding by in your car. A cute little cafe, a shortcut to your favorite market, or perhaps a new friend. You simply don’t know your neighborhood until you have explored it on foot. In addition to your discoveries, fresh air, sunshine, and physical activity are sure to leave you feeling refreshed.

You might finally try out your great grandmother's prized marina recipe, or bake a special treat for a loved one. Time spent in the kitchen or around the table with your loved ones is a wonderful way to create memories that will last a lifetime.

There is no telling where the agenda free days may lead you. This may just be your best weekend ever!

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