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The unreported American leprosy colony-and the Christians who ignore it

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Americans want to feel comfortable above all else. When there is a leper in their midst, they tend to look the other way, hoping to avoid any contagious interaction. Aside from the call of Jesus to heal the leper, the American--to include the Catholic and the 'Christian'-avoids their dis-ease at all costs.

And here is the proof.

"Beloved: Who indeed is the victor over the world but the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?" 1 John 5:5-13

Jesus consistently broke the Pharisees 'rules' and touched the untouchable. Catholic (and 'Christian') Americans have, in many ways, reverted back to the Pharisees form of 'law of the untouchables.' Did you know that one in five men in America is out of work? Did you know that only 62% of the workforce in America is employed? Did you know that this is a 30 year low? Did you know that millions of Americans have given up on looking for work? Did you know that the 6.7% unemployment statistic is a lie, and that it is really around 11%?

Do you know any of these lepers? Do you care? Can you imagine their despair?

I am one of a legion of American lepers. And nothing is changing.

"He has proclaimed his word to Jacob,
his statutes and his ordinances to Israel.
He has not done thus for any other nation;
his ordinances he has not made known to them. Alleluia
." Psalm 147:12-15, 19-20

Do Catholics realize the gift they have received, gratuitously, in their faith? Do American Catholic's realize that they are only 1/6th of the world, but they possess the fullness of Truth in the Apostolic witness to Jesus Christ? Do American Catholics treasure the Eucharist above all else?

The answer is no! Empty churches and rebellious cafeteria Catholics prove my point!

Funny, but ecclesial types are always complaining that there aren't enough catechists and religious educators with genuine Traditional faith. Equally funny are the traditional graduates of Catholic Universities begging to get into the catechetical field, only to be rejected for their traditional faith.

I am one of a legion of traditional lepers rejected by our church. Can you imagine the frustration? Do you care?

"The report about him spread all the more,
and great crowds assembled to listen to him
and to be cured of their ailments,
but he would withdraw to deserted places to pray
." Luke 5:12-16

Jesus is real and lives amongst us in many forms to include the Eucharist, the gospel, the Spirit, and the poor. But in my diocese, the Diocese of Venice in Florida, and in many dioceses, only the poor from Guatemala, or some foreign place, are recognized for charity. Church activity is really about big business. The Bishop is a CEO, and Mass is for the collection plate. Words are spoken about charity…but lepers fall through the seems every day!

I am one of a legion of lepers who have fallen…and can't get up. Does anyone really care?

Maybe, just maybe, American Catholics and Christians can put on a rubber glove and touch one of us today.