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The Unpredictable life of a Santa Monica gal


 When people ask me how I like living in Los Angeles, I always tell them, “I don’t know about LA, but I absolutely love Santa Monica.” Though Santa Monica is considered part of Los Angeles, anyone that lives here knows it is very different from the Hollywood glamour of the rest of the city. Santa Monica is a beach town with a sprinkling of LA culture. You certainly can’t escape the designer beachwear, celebrities, and wannabes that pass you by but the majority of folks here walk around in flip-flops, unassuming beachwear, and couldn’t care less about the latest celebutant that just walked past them.

            While I was still living in New York City and contemplating moving out here my friend, Annie*, told me to make sure to have a group of friends who were not in the entertainment business. That was an easier task than I’d imagined and most of my friends here have jobs that are not related to the entertainment industry. But even if someone is not directly linked to the entertainment world, there is usually an indirect tie to it. I’m friends with several lawyers and most of them work in mergers and acquisitions and corporate finance but even they get pulled into entertainment deals and come into contact with some of the top Hollywood players. It’s always fun to hear their stories about what some Hollywood God demanded of them or someone else. I don’t want to get directly involved with these crazy egomaniacs but I don’t mind being entertained by their antics.

            In my larger circle of friends I have acquired a playboy model, a reality TV star, and a Backstreet Boy. I say acquired because that is how it is viewed in Hollywood to ‘know’ someone. It’s celebrity real estate and I have an inconsequential stake in it compared to most. And, I’m happy about that. It becomes very unsettling when you wind up in one of the Hollywood clubs where everyone either is somebody or wants you to think that they are somebody. I’ve found the more name dropping someone does, the lower they are on the celebrity totem pole. But I digress.

            Even I can’t escape discussing the biz but on a day to day basis it is hardly a part of my world and I want to keep it that way. My world is warm sand, cool water, ocean breezes, and lots of outdoor activities. You simply can’t get away from an active lifestyle here. Everywhere you turn people are rollerblading, biking, running, playing volleyball, surfing, skateboarding, and things you never even knew were a sport (like beach tennis?). Once I moved to Santa Monica, I suddenly found myself partying like a rock star on a Friday or Saturday night and then waking up and sweating it out.

            This is what my social life has become, social drinking and social aerobics. My typical weekend starts by going out soft or hard on Friday night in Santa Monica, then waking up and going to yoga, brunch, and then driving down to Manhattan Beach to watch rugby and go for a run. Afterwards its dinner with friends and maybe a crazy night out at the local bars or at a friend’s place. Sunday is similar minus the trip down to Manhattan Beach and usually ends with having friends over and grilling on the roofdeck.  Not bad. Not bad at all.

            What I find most exciting is the unpredictability of it all. In one day I can go from practicing yoga and eating an all organic lunch to doing shots at a bar, practicing drunken handstands, and breaking door handles. On one recent Saturday, I thought I was going down to the beach to watch my hubby, Nick*, play rugby, then having a quiet brunch, and then going home. I did watch rugby on the beach but then it was off to the debauchery of the 6-man volleyball tournament, with drinking tents set up along the beach, running around in my bathing suit, and ending the night with all the guys jumping off the pier while I boldly took a midnight swim in the pitch black water- that was terrifying enough for me.

            I had begun to think that I was getting too old for all this craziness but there’s something exhilarating about mixing a very healthy, active life style with the hedonistic life of a party girl. I never thought I could drink until two in the morning and then wake up at the crack of dawn and run a race. But somehow here people manage to do it.. I’m looking forward to exploring this juxtaposition in my life through the many adventures yet to come.


Stay tuned for the next edition of… The Unpredictable Life of a Santa Monica Gal

*Some names have been changed in order to maintain privacy.