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The Universal Life Church Calls Christians to Follow Jesus Christ Faithfully

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The Universal Life Church encourages Christians to study the Holy Scripture and to follow faithfully the example that Jesus Christ has left to them. Since the religious life is connected with taking the daily decisions and choosing between good and bad, the Church believes that only those who fully rely on God will have the power to withstand the evil.

People have natural inclination to satisfy their selfish emotions and wishes, but Jesus, the Savior from sins and death, has left His followers another example of selfless life. The Universal Life Church calls believers, who think of themselves as Christians, to start to read and study daily their Bibles, especially the New Testaments, where the life of Jesus is described in details.

Only by getting acquainted with Jesus, their connection with God will become warmer and closer like never before and they will be able to throw back all their sinful desires, which they had no power to deal with before. Following Jesus Christ means changing the way of life and the character. This will happen naturally as a result of close relationships with God.

The Savior of the world has come and given His life to make people free from sins. He has shown His disciples what the real religion is. Those, who would like to follow His example, should dedicate their life to God and start serving the people around them, while spreading them the Good News of the coming of God’s Kingdom. The Bible says in Romans 13:14: “But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to fulfill its lusts.”

People, who would like to become faithful followers of Jesus Christ and follow His example, may visit

About Us: The Universal Life Church helps Christians to find their mission in the great work for other people’s salvation. The Church calls ministers, who feel this vocation, to join it and become successful workers in the God’s field.
Universal Life Church World Headquarters
1825 NW Corporate Blvd, Suite 110
Boca Raton, FL. 33431
Phone: (561)962-0940
FaxNo: (561)962-0946
Hours: 8:30 - 5:30 EST After Hours: Please Leave a Message

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Mission Statement:

"The Universal Life Church World Headquarters defends the unborn, feeds the hungry, shelters the homeless, educates the young, welcomes refugees, and cares for the sick, both at home and abroad. They believe the Bible is the verbally inspired, inerrant Word of God."


"A vocation is a fruit that ripens in a well cultivated field of mutual love that becomes mutual service, in the context of an authentic ecclesial life. No vocation is born of itself or lives for itself. A vocation flows from the heart of God and blossoms in the good soil of faithful people, in the experience of fraternal love. We are designed with a dreaming brain and a hopeful spirit; it is our nature to envision the life of our dreams. And while dreaming comes easy to us, we must never forget that it takes strength, dedication, and courageous action to bring that dream to life."

Do you wish to pursue a vocation in ministry - become a minister, get ordained or serve as a wedding officiant? We provide ordination to men and women enabling work in all facets of Christian Ministry with ministers in the USA, Canada, UK, Africa, South America, Germany, India, France, Switzerland, Thailand, Japan, Australia, China, Mexico and many other countries throughout the world.


The Universal Life Church World Headquarters as the name implies is a worldwide Religious Non-Profit Organization, extending its reach to the every corner of the globe. Their Boca Raton Headquarters is also a "GREEN" building benefiting you, the occupants and the environment. The Universal Life Church World Headquarters offers weekly services, Bible study and faith based programming on the Universal Life Church Radio Network and through iHeartRadio.