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The United Nations ignores real atrocities and browbeats Israel

If the United Nations brokers a peace regarding Israel, you can expect a bad outcome for Israel.
If the United Nations brokers a peace regarding Israel, you can expect a bad outcome for Israel.

One no longer needs to wonder about the United Nations' agenda to concentrate on Israel regardless of what is going on in the rest of the world. The bias against Israel has reached epic proportions.

President Assad has been slaughtering his own people by the thousands, Kim Jung Un of North Korea has a government policy of abusing rights and executing people at will, Christians are being killed in both Nigeria and Central African Republic by the hundreds by Islamic extremism, and what does the United Nations Human Rights Commission have as a standing issue?

In an unbelievably hypocritical move the UNHRC has a standing order on their agenda to deal with Israel.

The United States even had to sharply rebuke the UNHRC for having implemented an Article #7 which stipulated that “Israel be debated at every session of the forum”. With all the carnage being perpetrated by others in the UN, the UNHRC has only concern for what Israel is doing, many times by Israel just exercising its own sovereignty within its own borders.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel displayed his disgust with the international community for failing to be objective regarding criticism of Israel for the most minor issues while ignoring far worse abuses by other members of the UNHRC.

In the backdrop of a major arms shipment being stop by the IDF headed for Gaza from Iran, Natanyahu complained,

“The condemnations I’ve heard from the international community in the face of this murderous shipment have been limp, few and far between. [But] if we build a balcony in some neighborhood in Jerusalem, harsh criticism is heard from the international community. This hypocrisy is not only morally unacceptable, it is also dangerous, because Iran camouflages its military nuclear program just as it tried to camouflage this deadly arms shipment.”

Iran has exported more terrorism abroad than any country and has failed to receive the attention Israel receives when a settlement is built on Israel's own territory. It may be “disputed” territory, however describing the geography under dispute as “occupied” demonstrates a presupposition that Israel is guilty of invasion of its own territory, something routinely used in language in diplomatic discussion.

In an effort to add clarity to the geographic dispute of the Holy Land, Israel was going to put up an exhibit at the UN detailing the history of the locations as Judea for the last several thousand years.

Unfortunately Israel was forced to cancel its exhibit after complaints from several Arab countries that knew the information would expose the lies being circulated regarding Israel’s claims to the Holy Land.

How blind are the politicians regarding having an objective approach towards the Israel-Palestinian problem? Try wrapping your arms around this outrage.

A Muslim cleric named Yunis Al-Astal, who is also a member of the Palestinian Parliament, went on a Palestinian television station in early March and openly declared a desired fatwa against the Jewish people. He viciously declared,

“We must massacre them, in order to break them down and prevent them from sowing corruption in the world. They are the ones who still spark the flame of war, but Allah has taken it upon Himself to extinguish it”.

One can still hear the crickets chirping from the objections that were verbalized regarding not only Al-Astal's mean spirited comments, but the arms shipment Iran attempted to sneak into Gaza.

Should the ludicrous pursuit continue of handing over the control of additional territory as Eastern Jerusalem to blood thirsty types as Al-Astal, you could clearly expect horrific things to take place to the Jews.

This is who those as the Obama Administration expect Israel to negotiate for a lasting peace. It would be like expecting the Jews to negotiate with the spirit of Adolph Hitler. There can be no expectation of fair play coming from a mindset from those as Yunis Al-Astal.

The UN is being dominated by the spirit of hatred that exists in a block of Muslim countries who have an agenda whether declared or not to erase Israel from existence.

This has been the spiritual goal for thousands of years and no piece of paper will change it.

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