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The unholy alliance of Phoenix mayor Stanton with Grand Canyon University

Happy Couple
Happy Couple
Leonard Clark 2014

Today, (the mayor) put out a nice propaganda/puff piece right on the heels of the failed Arizona state senate bill where Grand Canyon University came within a "hare's breath of hurting the whole neighborhood it resides in. This special property tax "give away" for G.C.U. would have hurt the city of Phoenix for that first year alone by giving G.C.U. in effect hundreds of thousand of dollars in property tax give aways.

The puff/propaganda piece to be found on the official city of Phoenix website is fairly lengthy and happens (by coincidence ?) to be placed front and center of their home page. Of course, in this day and age of "Dark Money", anonymous political donations and sophisticated political campaigns this all to convenient placement on the front page of the city of Phoenix web page is unlikely to be a coincidence. This Quid Pro Quo of a public relations statement comes right on the heels of Grand Canyon University being caught with "its pants down" so to speak in the legislature last week with their scheme using democratic and republican legislators to try and get them a multi-million dollar property tax write off which failed with Arizona senate bill 1303. Then ...there's the city of Phoenix feeling the heat or more specifically, the mayor feeling the heat from the negative spotlight brought down on him due to the huge and looming deficit in the upcoming fiscal year for the city of Phoenix. The mayor, apparently had tried to ignore this huge upcoming deficit in the city budget by just not speaking of it in his State of the City speech last month but some of the republican council people had asked why he had not done so.

So, that brings us to the city of Phoenix P.R. puff/propaganda piece and what exactly the Quid Pro Quo did ... By proclaiming the saintlyness of that great "City on the Hill" Grand Canyon University in helping to bail out our poor city of Phoenix the mayor did a great favor to take attention away from the G.C.U. scheme that failed in the Az. State legislature last week and that would have given G.C.U. millions of our dollars in property tax write offs so this puff piece did "damage control" for Grand Canyon University in trying to re-program the memories of the public in the hopes that they would forget about the millions G.C.U. would have shamefully made as opposed to the $125,000 so called donation that they gave to the city of Phoenix. But again ... all just a coincidence right? So, of course, this in turn scratched the back of the mayor of Phoenix because he and his advisors probably feel that it helps to take some some heat of off him by making it look as if the financial situation the city of Phoenix is facing to not be that bad.

Again, the question why is asked that this huge Christain university mak such donations to the city? Because again, the "Great Grand Canyon City on th Hill" has come to rescue us. senior citizens that go to the recreation centers ... please just don't think about the proposed doubling of your fees and you citizens that will have a special increase in your utility bills ... pay no attention ... just stare at the shiny object that mayor Stanton and G.C.U. are dangling in front of you and ... all will be fine.

There is talk that G.C.U. has already through its lobbyists at the Arizona state legislature revived their mult-million dollar property tax give away hopes: And...following that Phoenix mayor puff/propaganda piece..a representative for G.C.U. reportedly and arrogantly stated to the effect in another paper that this failure to get their own special property tax loop hole/ was only a bump in the road.) Not to surprising given the other media report above. You seems like our friends with the Arizona Center For Famiy Policy and Cathi Herrod are not acting alone in trying to convert we sinners here in Arizona to their theocratic homophobic and Misogynistic views.

Just last week, I attended a so called "Canyon Corridor" meeting that was supposed to be an equal gathering of stake holders in this "Canyon Corridor Alliance" but what I found (and yes the people attending were very nice) was an over bearing presence of Grand Canyon University who were supplying their for profit religious university rooms, supplying the food and supplying the supposed official publication for the meeting but which in reality was their own de-facto religious university publication published by them and all but advertising their religious classes and prayer classes while heaping free glowing advertisements for their Baptist religious university. Even the name "Canyon Corridor" lends itself to Grand Canyon University despite the denials to the contrary from city staff and these religious university spokes people.

So yes, what a great day for the executives and evangelical leadership at G.C.U. who are already riding high from the political power and influence they have apparently so easily and quietly attained. They've got the mayor and council putting out this puff piece all but extolling the great virtues of their new religious/Baptist university.

Witness for all to see..Phoenix mayor Greg Stanton trumpeting in this p.r. piece about how the Great For Profit Baptist University G.C.U. has bestowed upon us the poor groveling city of Phoenix $125,000. this why mayor Stanton didn't directly address the huge debt Phoenix faces in his last major speech because he knew that he could go to his huge mega church Grand Canyon University friends for p.r. puff pieces like this, provided at just the right time? One pictures our Phoenix mayor Stanton... hat in hand just begging for help from his chum who runs G.C.U. the chief executive officer Brian Mueller and wonders what the mayor had to do to get this help from his chum.

Unfortunately, mayor Stanton has not been a democrat in helping the right wing republican elected extremists in this state quickly grow their theocratic/religious mega/university in such a short time.Whether one looks at the West Valley of Phoenix or Mesa where tax incentives have also been sought the Tucson area, there have been numerous Arizona democratic elected officials at every step of the way helping their right wing republican friends construct this "Jerry Falwell" type university to rule over its lordly domain of Phoenix and all the major urban areas of Arizona.

Ah... a Jerry Falwell type relgious mega univeristy right here in the Phoenix metro area....finally...just what we needed to turn Arizona blue right ? Well...some of our "Vichy" democratic leader friends seem to think so...because why else would they all but be giving the "keys" not only to Phoenix but Arizona as well ? Hey... Personally...I can tell you I was raised Southern Baptist and they've got their own special brand of hate that will just add so well to our friends with the Center For Arizona Policy. Remember children....if your gay or lesbian G.C.U. says you better change your ways real quick...come to G.C.U. where we can pray the "gay" right out of you...all with the official backing of mayor Stanton who really is looking to nail those mega North Phoenix Baptist church voters.

So...where were we..ah yes our beloved Phoenix mayor Stanton (who never saw a corporate charter school he didn't throw tens of millions of dollars of sweet heart bonding at all with the official blessings of Phoenix ). Our good friend the mayor and his legislative lobbyist for the Arizona legislature would very well have known about the efforts of fellow democrats for s.b. 1303 that would have such a huge effect on property taxes in their city (and probably actively helped, looking at all of the democratic leaders fingerprints on it) .

So, now...with all of the controversy for the recent $52,000 pay raise for his Phoenix city manager while cutting his own Phoenix city employees pay was going on ...What does the mayor do? He and the council come out with this puff piece painting a very rosy picture of his religious benefactor (Grand Canyon University) spreading their cash around.

The way the mayor goes on and on about G.C.U. in this puff piece... it makes one wonder if he should just cede the keys of our city over to this greater "City On the Hill" called Grand Canyon University because they appear to be our new "Sugar Daddy". And remember, this mayor and his democratic and republican colleagues supported pay cuts for its employees and are now in stressful budget hearings. This puff piece is designed with its timing to try and take the citizens minds off of Phoenix and the budget problems it's facing. And, in return for this so convenient puff piece provided by the G.C.U. what are the Phoenix council and mayor asking for in return ?

And...did I say before..this just goes along with mayor Stanton's dependable help and his fellow democrats aiding and abetting republicans on the council voting to approve almost a quarter of billion dollars in sweet heart bond funding for corporate charter schools over the last 3 years and therefore indirectly aiding and abetting of religious charter schools since he has been mayor ?

Of course... with the recent heralding by the mayor of this great mega Baptist Church/University (G.C.U.) and its help to our obviously pitiful city of Phoenix we would be remiss to not thank Grand Canyon University enough for telling us in the supposed unbiased newsletter representing the Canyon Corridor (that G.C.U. publishes) ts stake holders that G.C.U. is now going into the Alhambra School District and the Phoenix Union High School District with the blessings of at least one of its superintendents ( hint P.U.H.S.D.) just "helping" to tutor its students...but don't worry...I'm sure this mega/religious university known for its extreme religious views... which is throwing its money and growing political clout around will not let its views on evolution, Family Planning and Sex Education be known to the educators and hence the students it works with in our public elementary and high schools districts has so graciously come to rescue.

And again...further great appreciation and gratitude should be heaped on G.C.U. because as everybody knows..according to republican Councilman Sal DiCiccio that our public schools in these areas are so terrible and that by the silence of the mayor and council...they are also backing what he is saying. Just look at next week's agenda for the Phoenix city council: They've placed another sweet heart $75,000,000 bonding vote for yet another charter school ! And of course, they will they have done in the past vote unanimously..democrats and republicans alike for their great "Race To The Top" executive corporate charter school buddies to get those millions of sweet heart bonding deals. Ah yes...competition for our charter schools through city corporate "cronyism" just gotta love it.

I just wonder...would the mayor of Phoenix and the other democrats on the council help back another church or religion and put their official emblem or imprimatur on it if it were not the new adopted and official republican Protestant religion (Baptist) of Phoenix ? Say a Muslim, Hindu, Jehovah's Witness, Pagan, Wikka University etc. ? Of course not ! We have our newly republican sanctioned Baptist religion and mayor Stanton agrees... After all, again...his puff piece is basically saying that by helping our poor desperate and groveling city of Phoenix with $125,000 G.C.U. is showing its love for all of us. Now do you accept the Jesus that G.C.U. is offering you because G.C.U. is helping our mayor and city politicians with their version of J.C. who doesn't cotton to gays, lesbians and pagans etc or...are you accepting the liberal, socialist and loving J.C. ?

The city of Phoenix under the person and mayor I thought was a democrat Greg Stanton along with the other democrats on the council are to busy co-mingling City of Phoenix tax payer dollars and city personnel with the large bribes of money and facilities to the city of Phoenix by G.C.U. who is in return foisting its right wing Homophbic religious views on the citizens of West Phoenix and everywhere else its spreads its "For Profit" theocratic/homophobic for example in the Tucson area where the shenanigans being carried out there by the city of Tucson's attorney in concert with G.C.U. has got some of my friends all worked up and rightly so.

Now..some understandably are saying..."why in the heck are you worried about this ? G.C.U. is just innocently helping the city of Phoenix by going into its neighborhoods with the de-facto backing of the city of Phoenix under the guidance of good 'ol mayor Greg Stanton and throwing money around it to help its evangelical mission. Well...the answer is ...our system of democratic government traditionally and constitutionally backs away from giving de-facto support of a church and..with good reason. We traditionally and rightfully have looked with a jaundiced eye at government intertwining itself with a particular religion or church such as mayor Stanton and the city council of Phoenix are doing.

But hey...the city of Phoenix under mayor Stanton's leadership might be doing the metaphorical equivalent of "Shacking up" with G.C.U. (...isn't that supposed to be immoral without giving vows ?) Never fear though..there is a marriage going on now between these two love birds (should we call it a "shotgun marriage" ?)...the evangelical mega-church we'll call G.C.U. (the new Liberty University of the Southwest) for short and the city of Phoenix...the future "Protestant Vatican City for the Southern Baptist church).

So..the answer to the question of why the mayor of Phoenix is doing these things along with the other democrats on the council and in the Arizona legislature are: religious money plus religious support from G.C.U. and the other Mega Churches (but that is another story).

So ... "Money Changers" are now in the temple of the "For Profit" mega/university/church here in Phoenix. Will the liberal, socialist J.C. I know come throw them out ? Or... will this unconstitutional marriage work out?

..."Mr. you take Miss. City of Phoenix Stanton to be your lawfully wedded wife ? Okay...if there are no objections (are there ?) to the contrary you may kiss your political bride." Okay, Let's get that image out of our head.. and hope our illustrious Phoenix mayor Stanton will remember one very important thing as a new Southern Baptist bride: "Woman ... submit to your man !"

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