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The Ungovernable Force and the Punxploitation kickstarter campaign

The Boston Film Industry Examiner ran into a rather earnest young man yesterday at the Fallout Frank audition session. He came to try out, but also spoke about a project that he is part of , The Ungovernable Force. Jonathan Neves spike to the BFIE about the concept and like any plot, the basic idea is not complex (watch the embedded video). It is what is done with it that counts and Jonathan’s enthusiasm inspired me to check out the kickstarter page.

The Ungovernable Force
Ungovernable Films

The impresario of the project is Paul McAlarney. He has a few pictures under his belt as director and producer, which you can check out at his imdb page as well as Bloody Hammer Films where he is a producer. With a name like Bloody Hammer, one might discern that Paul has a penchant for horror. Well, a disclaimer at the website says it all, “FILMS NOT FOR CHILDREN.”

The kickstarter page gives you an idea of the concept up front,

PUNK is a force to be reckoned with in The Ungovernable Force, a grindhouse film where punks and bums unite against fascist cops!!!

Maybe not something you want to shout at a constable when pulled over for speeding, but might work in “Punxploitation.”

Some big names are going to be part of this. Troma founder, Lloyd Kaufman introduces the kickstarter video. The cast also has some big names.

McAlarney, have little more than a week left to raise the remaining funds on kickstarter. There is less than $2000 to go, but that last buck is often the hardest. Check out the page and see if it is your cup of tea.

There is also a facebook page for Ungovernable Films.

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