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The Unexplained: Three mysterious disappearances

Now it doesn't necessary say these disappearances are because of paranormal forces, but it has been provoked that something weird did happen. It's in Judy Allen's encyclopedia, "Unexplained," where these disappearances are found.

When the Hesperus went to the Flannan lighthouse on Eilean Mor, Scotland they found that the place was deserted. There was nobody there, only a chair knocked over, and a log. In the log the last entry said "Bad Storm." Of course rumors grew, people blamed ghosts, they were seized by a foreign vessel, and one odd one was they blamed that a sea monster came and attacked the men. It was also believed that one of the men went crazy and killed the rest. There were no bodies near or in the lighthouse, and none of them washed ashore either. This odd event happened in December of 1900.

In 1999 people in a village in central Wales noticed something strange, there were three military aircraft that flew past them, while that's not exactly weird, what happened next was. One of the aircraft crashed and people saw smoke, when they got there they found no wreckage. When they asked about it to the Ministry of Defense, they said that no aircraft was missing. So what really happened in the real question?

Every Bermuda Triangle buff knows or heard some of the story about flight 19. It was on Dec. 5, 1945, when five TBM Avenger Torpedo Bombers left the U.S. Naval Air Station in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. What happened next was very strange, two hours in their flight, a radio message reported that their inflight compasses weren't working. After that the flight disappeared and no trace was ever found of them. While the Bermuda Triangle was blamed for it, there are thousands more of speculations.

So while many believe that science can explained what happened, some though believe that more sinister things happened, either way they make very strange but interesting stories.

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