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The undoing of the Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Crimea and the subsequent vote by her people on Sunday, March 16, 2014 to secede from the Ukraine and unite with Russia is seen by many as the beginning of the “undoing of the Ukraine” and possibly many of the other former Russian Soviet satellite nation states.

Putin acknowledges Crimea as part of Russia on TV
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Make no mistake, anytime a nation invades another uninvited, it is wrong and a very serious matter.

Both the expansion of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union were the most recent examples of such tyranny.

Some political leaders and pundits see this latest invasion of Crimea as a repeat of the post-World War II domino effect of communism throughout Eastern Europe; just without communism.

It is however, a pseudo democratic socialism with just a twist of continued capitalistic greed for control and supremacy of Eastern Europe.

After all, this is not the first time under Putin that post-Soviet Russia has invaded a neighboring country; Russia also invaded the nation of Post-Soviet Georgia in 2008 and has continued occupation ever since.

The difference this time is that this is not the attempt to spread pure communism throughout the world but rather pure simple greed to control natural gas and oil pipe-lines running through Eastern Europe.

Russia claims this is just a capitalistic view in the area of energy which the West taught and instilled in the new pseudo democratic Russia.

Although Putin should be condemned for his invasion of Crimea, we must remember that it was partly a police action in an attempt to break up protest and violence going on between Crimea and the Ukraine.

As much as conservatives (including this writer) might like to condemn Putin and the Russians; Putin is partly correct.

The invasion of Crimea is not solely based on Putin’s pseudo-dictatorial control of both his country and Eastern Europe.

Putin’s claim that Crimea has always been part of Russia and that Russian troops did not invade Crimea is basically true but it does not rightfully justify his invasion and use of force to annex Crimea into Russia.

Crimea is basically Russian; at least ethnically and as such has always been part of Russia; although there have been ongoing conflicts going back to the old Soviet Union and the Crimean war of 1853 through 1856 which became famous for its Charge of the Light Brigade and even Florence Nightingale and her extensive help in aiding the troops.

Putin is also correct when he said he didn't actually invade Crimea; he didn't have too because Russia has maintained troops in Crimea since the breakup of the Soviet Union at Crimea’s request.

This was due to ongoing indifference and conflict with the Ukraine going back centuries.

Many political pundits believe however, that the temptation for Russia goes beyond oil and gas; they believe it is a desire to annex the entire nation of the Ukraine which has often produced up to two thirds of the world’s grain and which saved the Soviet Union in the great famine of 1937-1938.

Some world leaders are arguing and rightfully so that Russia is seeking to be totally self-sufficient both in energy and food; something the United States should consider.

Crimea is also a popular tourist spot for the wealthier Russians and Putin would like to see all that tourism money return to the motherland as opposed to the Ukraine.

The reality of all of this is simple; the stench of war is in the air and both troubled politicians like President Obama and his rapidly increasing and unpopular democratic party as well as the military industrial complex can smell it.

For the president and his minions, the possibility of war is just what their witch doctor ordered.
The possibility of war will move the focus away from the dislike of Obama care (aka Affordable Health Care) and other Presidential problems such as the NSA and the IRS to topics like national defense.

For the military industrial complex, it is the smell of pure greed in the form of increased military spending.

For both, there will be no concern for disrupted families or loss of life as long as their appropriate party is saved and the military spends like there is no tomorrow.

Of course those in congress from both parties will be more than eager to step on the band wagon if it means money and increased jobs for the their constituents and the delay of base closings in their congressional districts.

So just remember, although the invasion of Crimea is being sold to the American public and Western democratic world as “the undoing of the Ukraine”, it is actually all about the money.

©Copyright 2014 Dr. Lee W. Outlaw III

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