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The undercover brother syndrome


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     Being an undercover homosexual male, covering as a heterosexual male is very prevalent in the African American gay community. Prevalent because many black families look at homosexuality so negatively, which makes coming out as a gay person very difficult. An abundant amount of black gay men and women find themselves in heterosexual relationships with secret lovers on the side, because of the lack of acceptance that they feel will be the result from family and often times friends as well.
     Some gays that are undercover choose to stay hidden not only because of family and friends, but because they are actively involved in church, organizations that are Christian based, or organizations that they do not feel they would be accepted if they were open about their sexuality. These undercover relationships can be very dangerous situations for the individuals involved because there is always a risk of STD’s with multiple partners, as well as violent situations that could arise.
      The best option is to always be honest to yourself and others about who you are, and though it may be easier said than done, the only person you can truly make happy is yourself so live the life you so choose. We only have one life and if you can’t be honest in it, then you are not living your life to its fullest potential. Be happy


  • Shannon Hughes 5 years ago

    This is so true!! I love this article and I hope alot of men in general will read this. We only have one life so why not be happy? If people truly love you then they are going to love you regardless!!