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The Under-dog Elite

Beautiful and Unique
Sherrie Lee

If you think that Memphis is not on the map with fashion, you couldn’t be more delusional. Memphis has grown considerably in the past decade and has found a place among the fashion elite. By working its way up with the underdog, Memphis has sank its claws into the fabric of the fashion industry and held on for dear life!

But when it comes to fashion, there is simply not enough emphasis placed on the people who play behind the scenes- the models, the hairdressers and the photographers. These artists put their time and effort into creating perfection with their vision and talents. They have sacrificed and lost many nights of sleep to manifest a dream. So who are these artists, really?

They are models, photographers, make-up artists and hairdressers; they represent a team ofextraordinary magicians, painters and miracles workers. Photographers can be geniuses, placing the lights just so and finding the most precarious perspectives, they have endless ideas it seems. Models bring to the table a part of their essence, helping the photographer to see angles and inspiring more creative avenues of dual interests. Make-up artists and hairdressers strive to amplify the models natural beauty by using the blank canvas to express their abilities. These individuals form new networks of amazing talent; and when working together on a regular basis, have been able to grab the attention of the elite who are always looking for new blood to blow up the fashion industry. This is why this system is so ingenious. . It may not always about the clothing that the models wear, no, not in the beginning, but when viewing the pictures, your audience will definitely want to know where the shoes, the pants and the shirts come from. Apparently, the more artistic the picture, the more attention that it garners, the more that the audience will want to know about the elements within. Maybe fashion stands an even better chance when it is framed in awe inspiring art.

Varied and interesting is Memphis, presenting a whole other world for those who have interest in the art. Its southern style sets the stage for a deep niche in the clothing market. Among the locals in this southern city, there are groups of photographers, models and artists that are always on the look-out for the next bit of inspiration. Taking a look at how this works, you can get a quick glimpse of a network or two forming to represent the model and the photographer’s endeavors for the fashion world.

Memphis modeling is one of those groups that have grown from the need to network. Birthed from other factors and groups that represent models and photographers, Memphis Modeling was formed with a need to network locally. Other groups, such as North Mississippi Models and photographers have formed as well and thriving with new blood, each and every day. These groups include models, photographers, make-up artists and hairdressers who have a passion for the art they love. These guys keep a close knit network of individuals looking for ways to break into the fashion industry and the world of art. Most members are at entry level, which makes it easier for the participants to learn from each other and form a strong base of operations. When teamed together with the right retail shops and boutiques, these artists can break barriers previous installed by the already established groups of the fashion elite. It has never been easier to get your foot in the door of the industry, than to work your way up from the bottom.

From railroad tracks to old abandoned buildings, photographers and models are creating new ideas and inspirations for both the fashion Industry and the world of art. Breaking through and getting your foot in the door is the objective. Having the time of their lives is what’s happening now.

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