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The undefined niche is a key challenge for women's businesses

People walk along Broadway in New York City
People walk along Broadway in New York City
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Women business ventures have been significantly growing, but these new opportunities are not without a set of challenges. Many of the opportunities faced by women businesses are similar to those faced by their male peers. One of the standout challenges is being a business with an undefined niche.

One of the best ways to demonstrate your value is to specialize in a business niche. This could mean focusing on a particular industry or a specific area within your market. This has two benefits. First, you can provide more value to your clients because you have honed your expertise in an area relevant to them, and second, you limit the competition you face.

Advantages of utilizing niche marketing range from less competition to more tailored promotion channels, and even less ad spend. For any new business, this route also ensures a chance to develop strong brand recognition and customer loyalty, writes

According to Natalie Sisson, an entrepreneur who writes on entrepreneurship, "Because I was so unclear and undefined in what my exact niche was and who my ideal customer was, I ended up not answering their question and losing them to other people who made it downright obvious why they did what they did, who they did it for, and what they did."

Sylvia Browder, a small business consultant, offers these tips for targeting your potential clients and developing your niche:

  1. Improve your website’s SEO with specific key words.
  2. Generate exposure locally and virtually with professional speaking, seminars or publishing a book or articles.
  3. Craft a clear message that speaks to the heart of your customer.

In developing your womens business be sure to understand what makes your business unique. What are the needs and solutions your product or service fulfill? What value will help your business stand out in the business landscape? Creating a niche for your business is essential to success.

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