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The UN comes to Rome and right wing goes wild!

Michael Sean Winters of the National Catholic Reporter starts the week by reviewing the right wing's reaction to the Pope's comments to UN leaders about the need for redistribution (gasp, maybe taxation is not theft after all!). You can read Michael's comments (which set the stage for mine) at

Here are mine: The right wingnuts are, of course, wrong on the economics and their first objection is that he is talking to the UN at all. Breitbart's organization has not value except shock value - and no one is shocked by a right-winger trying to dodge social justice doctrine. As far as Rev. Kastler of the Heriage (Foundation???) Bapist Church - the whole taxation is theft meme is dine and dash economics and not to be taken seriously. As for Donohue, so much for defending the Faith. Looks like he and the unmentioned Weigel are Republican hacks after all. Father Zuhlsdorf should simply expect a call from his bishop and the order to stop his blog. That would scare the right wingnuts in the Church, wouldn't it?

Still, the hypocracy of the Church argument is more about the bishops, who still maintain a feudal structure where they own the property and keep the income in trust for the parishes. If you don't like the argument - change the structure of how Diocese own things. It is time to get out of medievalism. As for the art in the Vatican, some of the famous pieces are, of course priceless. Some of the so called art that lines the hallways is not - especially those that show the Holy Family to be white skinned northern Italians. Give us all a break, sell it and send it to settle the lawsuits.

Francis' family is not long in Argentina - he is a Turino. One wonders what the politics of his family were in those days. Indeed, his roots could be redder than we know - but that would not be a bad thing. Again, it would scare the right wing oafs in the Church. I see no downside. Where Francis really gets it, however, is from Jesus and the Gospels, not Marx and Capital. Last I checked, the Gospels were mandatory - not a matter of prudential judgement.

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