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The UN a Catalyst for Peace?

The United Nations has been working hard behind the scenes initiating changes in the world through treaties. These treaties are signed on by member states, but in order to be fully implemented, they must be ratified or approved by at least 50 states and the power comes from every nation around the globe.

The UN has gained so much control over worldly affairs in recent years, that nations like the US will no longer intervene militarily without UN support. This is the very reason why Obama refuses to put US troops on the ground anywhere. The US military has given way to the world military of the UN. Obama is willing however to continue to supply air and navel support to NATO allies. Since the time of the last US invasion in 2011, the UN has been going into full swing, exercising its world military power. The UN already owns and controls all world banks and has the power to lend money to nations for whatever reason they see fit.

But this is only the beginning. Since 2011, the UN has worked on passing several treaties among its member states which basically encompasses the entire world. One such treaty that had been successfully passed has to do with child rights. It would only take 50 nations to approve the treaty out of 143. Just about every nation signed on for approval except for the US and Somalia. The US was afraid that this child rights law would impose on parental rights. But since it had been approved through the UN, it has become an international law. Now all courts must abide by this law which will give the government the right to review parental decisions in the best interest of the child. Social workers are put into place and are in charge of this new law, and children are told that they can go to a social worker if they do not agree with parental decisions. This international law has successfully overridden the US Constitution without public knowledge, and is the first of many that are to come.

All member states of the UN now has access to disaster aid and in those states that ratified this treaty, the citizens are allowed to request disaster relief support from the UN. This is how Detroit plans on utilizing their services. This international law allows citizens of any country involved to go to the UN, and override their own countries rules and laws. As each International law gets passed, a UN council gets put into place for the citizens of that member nation ,who want to complain about how their own country is handling things.

The next law to worry about is the international gun control law. The US has not signed on to this treaty yet and only 10 more nations are needed to ratify it. So this can become law very quickly and is expected to be implemented during the next General Assembly meeting.

A UN General Assembly meeting will be held on September 16-29, 2014. Here the treaties will be discussed and nations will have the opportunity to ratify them. A good argument for the gun control issue is being put forward at this meeting. Many nations are eager to sign on as they are throwing illegal arms trade into the domestic gun treaty.

The interest in the gun treaty is high as nations are speaking out about gun violence and how guns and other weapons are being transported illegally across borders. If the UN can put a stop to this illegal activity then violence is sure to go down especially in the Middle East where peace is so desperately needed. But along with this, private citizens in member countries will have to be willing to make the sacrifice in giving up their guns in the name of peace. That would include the United States. But the gun control must be the very first domino to fall before a one world government can be fully implemented.

The UN has also been working behind the scenes in the peace process between the Palestinians and Israel. A special peace committee has been set up in the UN just for that purpose. Also one of the main topics during the upcoming General Assembly will be International Peace and Security.

Coincidentally, just as Netanyahu and Abbas was on the verge of a peace agreement, Abbas joined Hamas and it seemed as if the peace deal was dead. Shortly after, the Palestinian leader goes to the UN to try to seek membership in hopes that the UN will make them a member state. But the UN allowed the Palestinians in as a nonmember state which means they can make speeches, but they cannot vote.

Many other nations have followed the same path, first joining UN as a nonmember, then becoming a member state. This suggest that the UN helps these nonmembers become established as full members. Full UN membership can only happen with the Palestinians if they have their own state. So the chances of the UN helping with peace agreement is very high. Currently the only other nonmember without a state is the Vatican. The last so called nation (even though they are not a nation yet) in the world to sign on would have been the Palestinians, so this very act is a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy, as the Bible says this one world government will devour the entire world.

Things are going on behind the scenes. This was seen when the Pope invited the Palestinian leader and Israeli President to the Vatican for prayer. Also the Pope has been meeting with Ban Ki Moon to discuss the importance of international peace. Shortly after at the G77 Conference, UN nations signed on to a treaty that promised equality, stability and peace, which is yet to be ratified.

On September 16-29th of 2014, one of the main agendas for the General Assembly is International Peace and Security which will include the gun control agenda and most likely some kind of peace agreement in the Middle East, which will involve Iran, Iraq, Israel, the Palestinians and all the other UN nations. Remember only 50 nations need to ratify or approve it before it becomes law. So a peace agreement done through the UN is a huge possibility that could fulfill Biblical prophecy and start the hour of tribulation.

The main decision making countries like China, Russia, the US and Great Britain would have to agree on the peace in order to make it a reality. But the Bible says that there will be a covenant with many, and that this one world government, which we now know is the UN, will devour the entire world. And the fact every nation in the world is now signed on with it, means that the end is here.

So far this year, on feast days and sign in the stars a Biblical event has taken place. For example, the solar eclipse in April, 2014 was the deadline for the peace talks. Then on Passover, the Pope invites Israel and the Palestinians to the Vatican for prayer. Now the UN General Assembly meeting is approaching and it happens to be during the time of Rosh Hashanah. Is it possible that there will be some kind of treaty being signed by the UN, that has to do with peace in the Middle East involving all nations including Israel and the Palestinians? A so called Peace Treaty on Rosh Hashanah? After all the next General Assembly meeting is about peace and security.

At this point anything is possible. We are living in the end times. The one world government is rising and all the nations are already signed on to it. Jesus is coming soon to get His people. When they say peace and safety (the peace agreement) sudden destruction shall come upon the whole world. Jesus promised to save those who ask for forgiveness and turn away from their sins. Ask Jesus into your heart today. Let Him save you from what is soon to come.

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