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The ultra in glam & style: sexy confidence!

Out (always): playing 'dumb' to get the boys.
In: cool, calm confidence.
Out (always): playing 'dumb' to get the boys. In: cool, calm confidence.

Sexy, strappy stilettos are in this spring, along with ultra glam streetwear in metallics and make-up that's revved up a notch in ultra bright hues. It's a creative canvas for all you dazzling urbanites who continue to inspire and wow us with your unique shapes and silhouettes.

But there's one fashion accessory you just can't buy: confidence

No matter what your body type, if you don't like yourself or know how to present yourself to the world well, there ain't no shoe, scarf or soothing silk that'll give you that walk and talk. 

While you get ready for the mad spring shopping craze, take time to think about your own personal style - and how best to express it. 

One way to achieve this is to dress for your bod type. More of a pear shape? Use deep V-neck cuts or halter styles on top, for example, and pair with dark denim or an A-line skirt.

More of a Hilary Clinton (round) type? For the most part, stay away from form-fitting fabrics that draw the eye to the waist line. You've got the legs that pear-shapes and others would die for so show them off!  

Lucky you if you have the Monroe hour-glass figure! Choose styles that accentuate the waist to accentuate those curves. Avoid items that are too tight or baggy. Too much fabric will over power that hot, curvy figure. 

Anyway, you get it:

Play up your most striking/best features and forget about what you 'don't' have. All the gym time in the world won't get you the 'perfect' figure. You would have to be air brushed or spend a zillion dollars in surgery to achieve that. And then you'll just look like Joan Rivers gone mad.

P.S. - Men say they want a sexy, confident woman but when it comes right down to it, most of them are scared sh**less when they encounter one. Who cares, really? This spring, be BOLD and DARING just like the latest fashion. Be yourself, have a voice ... scream at the top of your lungs!

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