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The ultimate superhero doomsday weapon - for real!

For those of you who enjoy superhero or mutant future type scenarios, you're going to love this...

New studies of the plumbing that feeds the Yellowstone supervolcano in Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park shows the plume and the magma chamber under the volcano are larger than first thought and contradicts claims that only shallow hot rock exists.

University of Utah research professor of geophysics Robert Smith led four separate studies that verify a plume of hot and molten rock at least 410 miles deep that rises at an angle from the northwest.

(quote from article, AP Photo/Nelson Salting)

That's right... the so-called supervolcano is actually bigger by about 3 to 5 times. And guess what? There's another one underneath Hawaii. Who needs bioweapons, dirty bombs, super villians, giant robots or death-ray satellites.... just figure out how to make Yellowstone and Hawaii erupt and you can hold the entire world hostage... or generate the nastiest apocalypse you can imagine. 

From wikipedia on supervolcanoes:

...such an eruption would have devastating effect across the globe and would cover virtually all of the United States with at least 1 cm of volcanic ash, causing mass destruction in the nearby vicinity and killing plants and wildlife across the continent.

Now that's an adventure hook for superheroes if I ever heard one. Always keep your eye on the news - sometimes the best adventure hooks come from the newswire, not a random table or expensive sourcebook.