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The ultimate St. Patrick's Day free resources for teachers

St. Patrick's Day parades are just the beginning when it comes to introducing children to fun holiday learning. Beyond the history that is rich in religious studies, St. Patrick's Day is not just a holiday for those who have Irish roots. Though, there is much misconception about the real facts behind the day set aside to wear green and party. The Huffington Post reveals how everything we know about St. Patrick's Day is wrong. Holidays like St. Patrick's Day still provide a perfect opportunity to teach the core and more with free activity downloads and lesson plans.

St. Patrick's Day fun learning starts with a parade.
Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images
The ultimate freebie guide to St. Patrick's Day
Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

Start with the obvious religious studies lessons by learning about the real St. Patrick, who was actually not Irish at all. Rather, he was originally from Britain. As a young boy, he was captured and taken to Ireland where he worked as a shepherd. He eventually escaped to his homeland only to feel God was calling him back to the people of Ireland, this time as a missionary. provides a host of videos to watch about the true history of the holiday.

Following is the ultimate guide to St. Patrick's Day freebies from around the internet:

  • Kathy's Cluttered Mind blog has a link-up going on that draws the best of St. Patrick's Day freebies from other homeschool bloggers. This is pretty much a one-stop-holiday-shop of freebies.
  • Twisted Cinderella blog is another spot that is offering several free download links.
  • Of course, you can always count on Crayola to provide some bright applicable coloring sheets for any holiday.
  • It doesn't hurt to add a taste of learning to lunch or snack time. Mom Foodie has some great hints for cupcakes.
  • A blog hop of free St. Patrick's Day printables provides a great way to start a unit study.
  • Steve Spangler provides some fun St. Patrick's Day science experiments you can watch online or do at home.
  • Along with learning money concepts, based on the idea of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, or counting by 3's or 4's on the leaves of a clover, offers some creative math worksheets.
  • Language Arts is more fun with the luck of the Irish.
  • Little Bins for Little Hands offers some really fun sensory play learning ideas.

Incorporate concepts of music and dance with traditional Irish jigs. In addition to music, add art to any lesson by simply adding the color green or rainbows. Of course there are plenty more ideas on Pinterest.

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