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The ultimate Spokane home fitness routine without weights

Annually, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) surveys more than 3,800 fitness professionals in Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa and North and South America to identify the top fitness trends for that year. The top trends for 2014 may be a surprise, especially since workouts that were perceived to be everlasting are out and routines with weights and equipment are overruled too.

Workout Anywhere's Coaches Using a Suspension Trainer
Workout Anywhere by RundleFit

The world has spoken. People want highly effective and affordable fitness routines that can be performed anywhere. In addition, these workouts need to respect busy schedules and low barriers to entry with regards to equipment. Here are the top fitness trends for 2014 for Spokane home fitness enthusiasts and the rest of the world.

Bodyweight routines

Somewhere along the way, bodyweight routines were pushed aside and deemed ineffective and unworthy for most fitness goals. When in fact, bodyweight routines are the most effective solution for general fitness goals and perfect for use anytime, anywhere. Only as of recently, bodyweight routines are making a comeback and users are experiencing phenomenal results with a low cost and time commitment.

When good form and technique is practiced, all ability levels can thrive off of bodyweight circuits. Especially if one practices high intensity interval training, TABATA or metabolic conditioning styled workouts. In this format 20 minutes is the most one will need for a high caloric burn and strength gains.

Simple devices can make bodyweight routines unlimited

The first device every Spokane home fitness enthusiast should have is a set of resistance bands. Resistance bands are lightweight, affordable, transportable and highly effective (when used correctly). As well, one can purchase bands at most major shopping outlets and sporting goods stores.

Basically, whatever one can do bodyweight wise, bands can magnify with a new level of resistance. With added resistance comes the ability to perform a variety of new exercises.

Bodyweight trainers

The uncommon, but more effective piece of equipment for bodyweight training is the bodyweight trainer. Also referred to as a suspension trainer (most commonly known as TRX). Bodyweight trainers are the ultimate piece of affordable and transportable training equipment because they can be used anywhere.

Bodyweight trainers can be hung off a tree branch, wrapped around a pole and even locked into a door jam. The most beautiful feature of this device is that the trainer can add to one’s bodyweight for resistance, or subtract to it by adjusting the body’s leverage.

If one is standing completely vertical, the resistance is minimal, however, the closer one lays to the ground, the intensity becomes closer to that person’s weight. Literally, this device can replace a whole weight room and gym, but is still lightweight and compact enough to fit in one’s luggage.

Final thought

To unleash the full potential and unlimited variety of bodyweight training, one should invest in expert level guidance. There are a number of good programs out there, but Workout Anywhere is perfectly designed for a sustainable healthy lifestyle over a short-lived fitness highlight. In addition, Workout Anywhere maximizes everything above for the ultimate Spokane home fitness solution and beyond.

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