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The Ultimate Spider-Man will actually appear in 'Ultimate Spider-Man' cartoon

Lots of spiders on their way
Lots of spiders on their way
Marvel Animation

That's not a confusing title at all is it now? The world of superheroes is a complex and revolving door with a vast range of characters holding the mantle of one name. Thus is the life of Marvel's Spider-Men. While the general public know Spider-Man to be bad break nerd Peter Parker, many are unaware that plenty of other men and women have worn a costume with a spider insignia in Marvel comics.

We'll be seeing a few of them this August when Disney XD's hit animated series "Ultimate Spider-Man" returns for season 3. Following Marvel comic's upcoming "Spider-Verse" event which brings hundreds of former and current Spider-Men together, the Disney adaptation of this will be titled "Ultimate Spider-Man Web-Warriors."

Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Ham, Spider-Man 2099 and a new version of Spider-Girl have already been confirmed through images released by the animation juggernaut. It appears Peter's "Ends of the Earth" armor costume will also make an appearance in the show.

But the most exciting reveal is that the actual current comic Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales will be making his animated debut in the series titled under his name. While "Ultimate Spider-Man" the series isn't necessarily based on Peter Parker from the Ultimate universe, it will be interesting to see how they depict Miles Morales and his back story.

Miles Morales, the Black and Latino successor to Peter Parker has been a popular figure in Marvel comic books since his inception in 2011. This won't be the first time the character has crossed paths with a Peter Parker from a different dimension. In 2012, the two interacted with one another during the mini-series "Spider-Men."

While Miles Morale's Spider-Man comic has been critically acclaimed, it's sales were below expectations for Marvel along with Marvel's other Ultimate titles. He is still a prime centralized figure for the Ultimate universe and hopefully this cameo in the television show will elevate the character's status to the general masses.

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