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The ultimate revenge tool and its perfectly legal

People often resort to violence or immature revenge tactics when they don’t like someone but Lake County, Ohio has created a way to get “legal” revenge on someone. If you talk to the old timers they will tell you the best way to get revenge on your foe is to hit them in their pocket books, in Lake County you can, legally, and without repercussions.

All you have to do is go to the common pleas courthouse and fill out the necessary paperwork. You can have a temporary protection order served to someone immediately as long as you give good reasons. Don’t worry if they aren’t true, you don’t have to prove anything. I do not condone this course of action, I am simply reporting how it works. If you really want to get someone good you can get a temporary “stalking” order against your foe. Just say they have been driving by your house. You need to show some sort of pattern of behavior. Then the Magistrate (who is not an elected judge but appointed by the elected judge) will issue the temporary order to be served by the county sheriff. The Magistrate can refuse the order but it would look bad on he/she should he/she refuse and something bad happen. There is a small filing fee but it’s the ultimate revenge because this will be on your enemy’s record for life. It’s worse than having a felony on your record.

Once the paperwork is filed the sheriff will go to your enemy’s home and serve them the order. The sheriff will also take their guns away. If you really want to get nasty just call and say your enemy will shoot anyone that comes to the door. The local PD will send a S.W.A.T. team to assist the sheriff and place your enemy and anyone else there in cuffs while the order is served. That is the ultimate revenge but it gets better.

In ten days you will go to court to state your case. In Lake County you don’t need any proof just as many people willing to lie for you as you can find. Witnesses seem to be more believable in this court than actual proof. Make sure you have an attorney. If your enemy doesn’t have an attorney you will win because the court will refuse any evidence your enemy has. If your enemy does have an attorney don’t sweat it because you have already won. You made them spend the money to get one and that is hitting them in their pocket. The way the law is set up they can not do anything to you even if you did lie. That’s awesome isn’t it? Not if you are the other person.

If you are the victim of this legal revenge tactic it is a civil matter which means you do not have the right to an appointed attorney which is unconstitutional. You cannot get legal aid because your local federally funded legal aid office does not take these cases. If you represent yourself you will surely lose. Courts seem to hate when ordinary citizens try to defend themselves for lack of money to pay an attorney.

Now for the best part, when the hearing is over the Magistrate will notify you of his decision by mail! It will take months to get the decision and in the meantime the temporary order is still in effect. There is nothing your enemy can do. Congratulations! You have gotten the ultimate revenge win or lose and it’s all legal. This tactic is often used also in divorce cases as well.

How is this possible? Logically someone felt it necessary but who? Lake County residents should be outraged at how this is handled in the court. Magistrates are not elected judges so there is no recourse for poor judgment. Good sound judges are needed to hear these cases because there is too much trust put into the hands of the magistrates by the elected judge and too much legal mumbo jumbo not understood by the average citizen. There is no recourse for an innocent revenge victim and no legal representation allowed. It must cease immediately. What do you think?


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