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The Ultimate Music Showcase 16-city Tour to award indies and music education

Save the music and WIN $100,000 for you -- $1,000,000 for your local schools!
Save the music and WIN $100,000 for you -- $1,000,000 for your local schools!
Shorty Produkshins, 2014. Photo courtesy of Shorty Produkshins/The Ultimate Music Showcase, used with permission.

Predicted to make history, July 26, 2014 is set to commence a National initiative to save music within public school districts around the United States via live entertainment and through interactive participation from audiences around the Globe. National Spokesperson gave direct disclosure for this event on May 23, 2014 that "The Ultimate Music Showcase is a sixteen city showcase tour that brings together music of all genres, comedy and dance in preserving music for future generations, while ensuring that musicianship continues to capture our histories and culture for those future generations." Music programs in our public school systems continue to be in danger as funding withers away due to cuts in educational allowances from Local and Federal Governments. The Ultimate Music Showcase Tour takes action in defending the need for music in early education and creating a means for funding to these schools without relying on economical allowances to do so.

On July 26, 2014, Another Visionary Production will bring The Ultimate Music Showcase to Chattanooga, TN, for a night of laughs, dance and excitement! Another Visionary Production, along with partnership with The Music Combine, has been working extra hard to bring major corporations and small businesses together in creating the “ultimate entertainment experience” that will focus on music education and allowing independent acts from all over the United States to shine like the stars that they are!

The showcase acts as a telethon that will raise funds through sponsorship opportunities and donations from audience members all over the Globe. The showcase will take place at a major arena or concert hall in each city and will also be broadcasted live through U-Stream’s easy-to-use Pay-Per-View platform. Supporters may donate during or before each showcase but will be able to vote only during the showcase itself. It is through this voting and donation process that the showcase serves its purpose. At the end of the night, the act with the most votes will not only move on to a major competition that could win them the chance at $100,000 in the final showcase round, but they will also win their local school district the proceeds from the showcase that they participated in.

The Ultimate Music Showcase has an “Ultimate Goal” of raising up to $100,000 to leave behind for the music programs in each city visited. The Ultimate Music Showcase Tour will also film and leave behind a “Polling and Touring the City” segment to be broadcasted live during each showcase to promote positive living and interesting locations of that city, while highlighting the perks of visiting each stop on the tour. When economies benefit, so do educational allowances per location. This is an additional initiative aimed at increasing funding for public school systems over time.

A final showdown will take place in Atlanta, GA once all sixteen cities have designated a competitor to represent that city at the 2015 Magnus Awards Ceremony. A “Gold Carpet Ceremony” will be held in honor of these acts and will be an event of honor, privilege and prestige, as celebrities, industry contacts, A&Rs and entertainment “movers and shakers” will be in attendance -- scouting out new talents and making connections for upcoming projects that seek fresh talent and faces. It is here that one act will be awarded title of “The 2015 Ultimate Performer” and win $100,000, a possible recording contract, a position as “Opening Act” for a selected National Recording Artist as they go on tour, A&R Spotlight, Worldwide Exposure and many more beneficial perks to their career! The best perk of all, perhaps, is that their whole city will be behind them, as they bring home a $1 Million Dollar prize to the city that they represent in the initial stages of the competition to be used exclusively for a quality music program in their district!

It is to be noted that while The Magnus Awards Ceremony acts as a ceremony of prestige, participants will find that industry contacts and A&Rs will also be scouting at the smaller showcases and celebrity judges and panelists will be present at each event. Additionally, because each showcase will be made available to audiences across the Globe, the showcase will reach many people of interest automatically… even if unable to attend the event in person.

The Ultimate Music Showcase is currently accepting submissions from musicians in all genres, including: Rock, Pop, R&B, Country, EDM (Electronic Dance Music), Hip Hop and Reggae. Dance Teams and Comedians are also highly encouraged to compete! Acts must register for a free profile on They are to include biographies, photos, music and videos of their brand and any performances for consideration during the pre-qualification process. A panel of anonymous industry judges will select qualified participants based on:

  • Overall performance
  • Style/Fashion Marketability
  • Songs/Song Choice
  • Commercial Radio Appeal

Donations are currently being accepted for the upcoming Chattanooga showcase. Sponsors and Supporters are also encouraged to get involved in the ground stages of the showcase. With support, music preserved in the educational system will encourage the youth to live by positive influence and raise a larger generation of cultured musicians that will in turn influence a better society and a better tomorrow.

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