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The ultimate guide to design awesome mobile commerce app to boost your business

mobile commerce app
mobile commerce app
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A mobile app has a huge impact on a company’s business and profits. With an increased use of mobile apps, no company can take mobile commerce for granted anymore. If reports revealed by Google are to be believed, 79% users of a survey suggested that a poorly fabricated app did suffice to divert them to a competitor’s app. Thus, if you don’t want to repel targeted customers, here go through the following design related decisions and several finest practices that ensure the development of excellent mobile commerce apps.

Ensure visual clarity

Clarity is undoubtedly the topmost priority for the users. Users desire to navigate through detailed information of a product on their Smartphone and so, you need to cut down on the complications so that they do not swipe again and again to be able to get the information they are looking for. You need to make sure that you are using high resolution images otherwise people would not mind giving two hoots to your app. Too much clutter may distract them hence offer them appealing yet minimalistic design. Use colors in an intelligent manner. For example, use a specific color to highlight the key points. Read this article on color scheme; though this article is meant for ecommerce websites, the suggestions can be easily incorporated in mobile ecommerce design.

The rule of thumb is to use catchy color combination for Call to Action buttons. Clarifying product options in a simplified manner can enhance the entire navigation experience, hence strive for the same.

Offer a personalized experience

There can be truly no comparison of personalized shopping experience. When users don’t have to waste much time in looking for what they desire for, they naturally feel a compulsion to return to the site. In the crowd of numerous products, at times, they may miss the most appropriate item. Offering them such features that provide them a personalized experience may help you in carving a niche in your domain. So, you need to make sure that your app is intelligent enough to show your targeted audience those products that they might be interested in.

Enhanced social interaction

Share ‘favorites’ is indisputably an activity about which a large number of users are fond of. Thus, enabling them to share their ‘favorites’ may keep you ahead of the pack. ‘Style gallery’ is among those features that are big time grabbing the attention of mobile app users. ‘Customer reviews’ is yet again a strong competitive tool to build up confidence among your target users. Majority of users give importance to the reviews and take decisions on the basis of the same. Thus, encourage customers to write feedback and reviews about purchased products. Enabling them to write reviews straight away from the app will be a brilliant idea.

Emphasize on intuitive search

Browsing should be fun and not a daunting activity for the users. Too many options and too many categories along with the sub-categories end up in frustrating users. Incorporating auto-complete feature is competent of yielding the desired result of offering a simple navigation experience to the users. An option of ‘popular search’ is yet another feature that comes handy when a user does not a have a luxury to spend hours for search. ‘Product carousels’ is among wonderful features that display an array of items sans compelling user to leave the current page.

Simplify the checkout process

Navigating a cluttered site alone does not add frustration. It could be a time-consuming and complicated ‘check out process’ that may turn off users. In addition to enhancing the appeal of a commercial website through incorporating time saving, efficient and customer friendly features, simplification of check out process too is of utmost importance. For the same purpose, you may try few smart tricks. Those tricks include making Shopping Cart available from any screen on the app, saving relevant information like credit card number, shipping address, etc. In simple words, less the clicks in making the final purchase of a product, more enjoyable would be the entire shopping experience for the users.

In a nutshell, there are plenty of ways to enhance appeal of your mobile app provided if you are ready to step in the shoes of target customers. Once you have stepped into their shoes, you will automatically start gaining creative ideas to attract users, in order to make your business grow and flourish.

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