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The Ultimate Green Gift: A Solar Oven

Global Sun Oven

Most people have heard the term “Solar Oven”, however, very few really know much about them. You won't find them at Department Stores or even at your local Home Improvement Center, however, they are available on-line and each day more and more people are catching on to “Solar Cooking”.

When shopping on-line for solar ovens, there are 3 main types:

  • Low-End Solar Ovens $50-100
  • High-End Solar Ovens $200-300
  • Solar-Hybrid Ovens $340-480

Low-End models consist of a set of solar reflector panels only which are great for cooking soups, vegetables, sterilizing water, easy-to-cook foods. To cook pretty much anything you want, such as baked potatoes or roasts, a High-End model is recommended.

Here are the top 5 reasons to purchase a Solar Oven:

Food Quality: The taste and texture of foods cooked in solar ovens is far superior when compared to foods cooked in conventional ovens. Food is moister with less shrinkage.

Free Energy: Solar cooking utilizes free green energy. There is no energy costs involved when cooking foods in solar ovens.

Healthier: Unlike barbecue grilling, pan frying, or over-baking in an oven; there are no carcinogens involved when cooking with a solar oven. Foods are never burned or scorched. There are no carbon emissions.

Versatility: The majority of solar oven models available on the market today are portable, lightweight, and easy to transport. Solar ovens can be used in your backyard, at picnics, camping, and even on boats.

Affordability: An energy efficient top-tier solar oven costs about the same as an inexpensive laptop. Unlike a laptop, a solar oven will pay for itself over time and then start doubling back on the investment through lower utility bills.

One of the most popular High-End models is the “Solar Sport Oven” from which runs about $200. The other is the “Global Sun Oven”, available for $259 from The Solar Sport offers 2 cooking angles, 30 and 60 degrees, with a removable cover. The Global Sun Oven features a hinged door and an adjustable support leg which provides the complete range of cooking angles.

One of the most popular Solar-Hybrid models is the “Tulsi Solar Electric” which sells for $339 through The Tulsi is available at this link: Tulsi Solar Hybrid.


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