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The ultimate comfortable and sexy summer shoe

Classic Summer Shoe
Classic Summer Shoe
Old Navy

The wedge. Probably the one style from the 1970s that we don't mind making its way back into style.

The signature look of a wedge is...the wedge! The heel of this shoe is a wedge (hence the name) which continues all the way to the toe of the shoe. The heel occupies the entire space under the arch and heel portion of the foot; which makes for a very comfortable shoe. If you are wary of high not be afraid! There is no pencil-thin heel that you will need to balance on. The heel is very sturdy. I guarantee that your heel will not get stuck in a crack on the sidewalk.

The most popular style of the wedge is the Espadrille. The Espadrille wedge heel is usually created by a natural fiber or synthetic rope. The rope or fiber heel gives off a casual vibe. This type of wedge is perfect for a picnic, shopping, a day trip, or even a casual walk to the store. Treat them as an all around shoe, they can be worn with any outfit. Every gal should have a pair...or two. Okay, maybe three.

There are many wedge shoes which can be worn to the office or fancy events. Many wedges have shiny emblems or buckles which exude sophistication. Working all day or spending several hours at a party can take a toll on your feet. Wedges will provide your feet with excellent support while looking fabulous at the same time.

Let's talk legs. Wedges are just as comfortable as flip flops. However flip flops are flat. If you want to zazz up your outfit and make your legs miles long, wedges are the way to go. Psst...wedges are just as comfortable as flp flops. Wedges will elongate your legs; no ifs, ands, or buts about it! Well, maybe some buts...your butt will look great. The angle of the wedge will flex your legs and will also flex your butt.

If the above information hasn't convinced you to wear a pair of wedges, trying on a pair will. All of the below wedges are under $50. With all the money you save on wedges you can buy a couple of adorable summer outfits to show off those long legs.


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