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The ultimate Bon Jovi tribute band, Slippery When Wet, plays City Hall Nightclub

City Hall nightclub has taken entertainment to a new level in Memphis by bringing some of the hottest musicians of today to their stage. Come out Saturday night, February 2nd, to hear the ultimate Bon Jovi tribute band, Slippery When Wet. According to their web site, their shows are the most attended and highest grossing of any Bon Jovi Tribute in the country. In 2007 the band was officially authorized by Bon Jovi to perform their highly entertaining show.

Slippery When Wet
Vicki DiAddezio

I had the opportunity to speak to lead vocalist of Slippery When Wet, Jason Morey, who happens to be a dead ringer for Jon Bon Jovi himself. He answered questions about the upcoming show, some history of the band, and told me about his most memorable moment of being mistaken for the person he looks most like.

What is the definition of a tribute band? I guess there are various definitions, but what we are to that is that we try to give the same exact experience that you would get if you went and saw Bon Jovi in an arena. Our arrangements are just like live versions of arrangements that they have. The way our show goes, it's quite similar and we just try to give that same experience for a much cheaper ticket on a smaller stage.

Tell me a little about how you got started doing the tribute band. I played in bands for a long time. A few of the Bon Jovi songs we played in the shows were always pretty popular. At that time, I had started to put a little more highlights in my hair and people started to say "You look like Bon Jovi". So, kind of one thing led to another and we said we need to take advantage of this and try this and that was nine years ago and some 800 shows later. So, I guess it worked out.

(Click play on the video to the left to watch Slippery When Wet)

Were your current band members already playing in a band with you or did they come along when you started Slippery When Wet? All the original guys that I started with were playing with me at the time, but they have since moved on. But the bass player has been with me for eight years, the guitar player for seven years and the drummer for two.

What is your most memorable moment of being mistaken for Jon Bon Jovi? The one that I always tell was actually the night when I said I need to take advantage of this. I had seats to see Dave Chappelle and at the end of the show, his manager came up to the front of the stage and said "Hey, Dave would like to meet you". As I was waiting in the green room to take this elevator up to where Dave was, his body guard turns to me and says, "Man, I grew up on your stuff." And that's when I realized that they actually think I'm someone else here. So, I got to meet him and we talked about it and we laughed about it.

Tell me about this Saturday night at City Hall nightclub and what the audience can expect. We should go on somewhere between 9 and 10 . We do a full two hour show of the old stuff to the new stuff. We play stuff from all the albums. Our show is very high energy and very interactive. This is our first time ever to play in Memphis.

Where do you see yourself in the next five to ten years? You know, I don't know. We are definitely at a point in this now where we ask, "Where do we want to take this?". We play a lot of big stages and originally when I put it together, I thought, alright let's make it to five years and then let's make it to seven and now we're eight months away from making it to ten years! So, that was always the platform, but the truth of it is, as far as Slippery When Wet goes, we'll do it as long as people want to see us. Original music was always something I wanted to get into, but our time is always so taken up with Slippery shows to where when you get home, the last thing you want to do is pick up a guitar. So, in the last couple of years we've written and put these songs together and finally got a chance to record all that in the last year. The original band is The Sinner Saints. The CD, The Other Tomorrow, came out in August. We're happy with how the CD turned out. Our video is on you tube with over 100,000 views.

Jason Morey -- Vocals

Anthony Cappolino -- Guitar

Brian Nielson -- Bass

John Martin -- Drums

You can buy your tickets online for $8 here.

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