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The ugly truth about "The Ugly Truth"


This week,  The Ugly Truth came out this week on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Scottish heartthrob Gerard Butler, and America's new sweetheart Katherine Heigl star in this romantic comedy about what the opposite sex is really thinking. Heigl's character is a producer, forced to work with Butler's chauvinistic ways to increase ratings on her morning show.

This film seems to be on a quest. That quest is to reveal some deep dark secrets about the opposite sex. Instead, it reveals to the audience it is the same, raunchy romantic comedy with even more predictable results.The two main characters bicker all throughout the film about what it takes to "make him fall for you." In this aspect, the film lives up to it's comical bits. There will be lots of giggles and "I can't believe they did that's." Where the film falls incredibly short is complete lack of romantic insight.

This lack of insight is what plagues the formulaic romantic comedy. Most rom-coms, (including this one) show utter disregard for the complexity of a human personality. It suggest that all women and men want the same thing out of a relationship. They tend to forget that each individual is just that, individual! There are so many factors that would make or break these movie couples. There was a valiant effort at the beginning of the film to reveal some new, perhaps fresh take on the whole situation. But, as the movie progressed, the audience was reassured that nothing unpredictable or out of the ordinary would happen. Without giving to much away (like I even have to), it's safe to say the movie started out daring and clever, and ended up being typical and a slightly disappointing. The odds of an original ending these days are just, ugly.

If you want a good laugh, go out and rent it. But don't be too surprised if you're finishing the character's lines for them.


  • DeboraLy 5 years ago

    You hit that nail right on the head!! I like the way you explain your insight. Not many people are that honest, they think they should say what others what to hear. Rock On !!