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The ugly truth about Catholics, Christians and the heresy of progressivism

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The prophet Jeremiah (Jer. 20:7-9) speaks of the 'violence and outrage' of his message, and the 'derision and reproach' he receives in return. St. Paul (Romans 12:1-2) speaks of the need for nonconformity with the world, and the necessary willing malleability of the disciple to the Holy Spirit. Jesus (Matthew 16:21-27), moreover, speaks of the necessity of dying to this world in order to live in the Kingdom of God while on earth.

So, why are so many Catholics (and Christians) 'progressing' away from Christ?

Jeremiah speaks of being duped (or, better, 'seduced,' in the Jerusalem Bible), and overpowered by God. St. Paul pleads to the Romans to worship like 'thinking beings.' St. Peter falls prey to purely human thinking while trying to persuade Jesus from the Cross.

This should give us a hint.

Many American Catholics are idol worshippers. So are many so called 'Christians.'

Voting for an abortion politician is spitting in the face of the prophet, ignoring St. Paul, and joining St. Peter in falling for the progressive lies of the devil. Voting for the culture of death (contraception, gay marriage, abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell manufacturing and distributing, cloning, etc.,) in criminals and perpetrators of genocide--such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton--is a vote for this world, and a rejection of the one to come in Jesus Christ.

But this didn't happen by accident.

Catholic bishops and Christian pastors have acquiesced to popular pressure, watering down their homilies, hiring progressive catechists and college professors, polluting Catholic colleges with secularism and militant atheism, not to mention Catholic charitable organizations like CRS (and nuns-on the bus!), which support abortion. Christian pastors have also bowed to the devil in 'the gospel of prosperity.'

In turn, bishops and pastors have sold our unborn babies and school age children to the demons minions in progressives, secularists, socialists, radical feminists, anarchists, radical Islamists, and radical homosexuals.

Now, school age girls can receive the morning after pill without mom or dad's knowledge. Contraception, and abortion, is now defined as 'women's reproductive rights.' Gay is now considered a part of normal matrimony. American families are disintegrating --look at inner city Chicago and the curse of black on black murder! Our pop culture is one big toilet bowl.

So, what is a prophet to do?

Jeremiah wrestled with God. God won. St. Paul wrestled with God prior to becoming a pleading martyr for Christ. Jesus was nailed to the Cross for our salvation. St. Peter, waffling more than an Eggo, became our first martyr pope.

Therein lies our answer. Wrestling, waffling, repenting, letting God win--eventually--and dying to this world...painfully, yet in faith, hope, and charity.