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The U.S. outstanding debt is too much to make up

United States debt is $13 trillion
United States debt is $13 trillion

It is official, my niece, my small cousins, and my future children will suffer. They will all suffer like they have never suffered before. Reason being, because the United States debt has been estimated to be grossed around the $13 trillion range as of early November of this year. What does that mean? Well, it is pretty simple, it means the fact that Americans have over spent so much, and on so many unnecessary things, that it robbed the future of this country. The future of this country used to be so bright, especially when our forefathers wrote the constitution and put solace in this country and gave it the fortitude to, as in Spock's words, "live long and prosper". That is not the case anymore, we have too much garbage in Congress, too much garbage in the White House, and far too much garbage as far as money and spending is concerned. From my perspective, it is time to take out the garbage!

Who needs a Lieutenant Governor in each state? They do not do anything, and they are pretty much useless, they're just each state's version of the Vice President. There is too much job placement where there should not be job placement at all. The positions of Attorney General, Treasurer, and Controller should all be titles warranted to the country as a whole, not each state. Do not get me wrong, each state deserves to have their affairs in order and with guidance, but save those positions of power only for the country as a whole, not give the power to a bunch of suits and have them represent each state, so just cut back on that. Also, do we really need a Secretary of Education? That position is pretty much useless as well if you think about it. We will leave the country's money to the U.S. Treasury and have them sort out everything, along with Social Security and disability payments. We should have enough trust in the treasury department to know that they can handle our money well, and if we free up some positions around the country by eliminating those powerful positions within the states, then more money will be freed up.

The education situation is pretty daunting to say the least. The american people should just sit back and leave the schools and the educational system to the principals of each school and the county superintendents. Sounds good to me, and that is what they should be left for. Free up some positions around the country and we are home free and well on our way to have America working again. It would be helpful if the Oprah Winfreys of the world helped out all the time, but we will take what we can get. America should get with the program and eliminate the powerful jobs and creat more of the everyday working jobs like more construction and factory opportunities. Just a minor step in the right direction you could say, let's make something happen already, its been too slow and painful. More action and less talk, does it every time.