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The U.S. loses to Belgium 2-1 in the World Cup. Now get back to work.

The U.S. will not win the World Cup in soccer. The U.S. tried hard and came close to World Cup glory. But the U.S. lost 2-1 against Belgium. So now the nation's working people need to get back to work. On many days, people were more focused on soccer and less focused on their jobs.

"I think it cuts in productivity at the office. I think that now that the World Cup is over, we will see more effort or at least more concentration at the office," said Robert Conn, a bank office manager.

"For me the World Cup has actually meant more work. And this was good because I tend bar at a sports bar in Miami. People would come and drink more as they watched the soccer games. This meant more money for me in tips," said Reginald Scott.

"I am looking forward to the next big sports event, the World Series. This will mean that people will be in a party mood and will spend more money on drinks and food at my restaurant. And if people are in a good mood, they will spend more money. I hope the Miami Marlins get in because that will mean even more fans at the games," said Bruce Gaines.

"Now that the games are over, I think we will see more effort on the job. A lot of people were distracted and would spend time watching the games and talking about the games. Now things will change," said Michael Lance. He is an office supervisor.

"I know we could have worked harder during the games. But I think everyone had a lots of fun during the World Cup. I will miss all the time we spent discussing the games and cheering when the U.S. team did well. It really has been fun," said Cindy Heckler, a store manager.

"I will miss the games. We did not do as much work during the World Cup, but we really had a good time watching the games sometimes during work hours and talking about the games," said Jeb Bronstein, a technician.

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