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The U.S. Gov't updates warnings for South Pacific travel

South Pacific Cyclone Season
South Pacific Cyclone Season

A fun winter escape to a sunny tropical destination can suddenly turn into a life threatening disaster. Don't let the sunny skies and cool breezes fool you, there are inherent dangers related to weather, when traveling to the South Pacific.

According to the updated warning report released on Jan. 15, by Travel.State.Gov, the South Pacific Cyclone season is underway, and continues through April 30, 2014.

The report includes a Tropical Cyclones Preparedness Guide, which should be reviewed if you plan to travel to any region in the South Pacific including Honolulu, Hawaii, which is subject to the warning.

The report states, "The South Pacific region experiences approximately nine tropical cyclones, about half of which reach Category 3 intensity or above. Severe tropical cyclones have caused death, injury, and extensive property damage. Many U.S. citizens traveling in the South Pacific region during the tropical cyclone season have been forced to delay their return to the United States or other travel because of infrastructure damage to airports and limited flight availability. Roads have been washed out or blocked by debris, impeding access to airports and land routes out of affected areas."

The Department of State offers a Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. (STEP) This program is free and provided by the U.S. Government to U.S. citizens/nationals. You should enroll if you plan to travel to the South Pacific or any International travel locations. Each time you travel you note your location and in the event of an emergency you are not left on your own, scrambling.

If you are a U.S. citizen and you plan on moving abroad for any length of time or you are on an extended business stay, it is suggested that you register.

Check out the Tropical Cyclone Preparedness Guide and enroll at the link for the U.S. citizen Smart Traveler Enrollment Program.

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