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The Tyranny of Dragons is unleashed on all realms of Dungeons and Dragons

At GenCon 2014, there was a release party for the Wizards of the Coast new realm-wide storyline. See photos of the party in the slideshow and watch the Tyranny of Dragons Neverwinter gameplay trailer here. The story centers on the classic D&D villain, Tiamat. Tiamat, aka the Chromatic Dragon aka the Dragon Queen, is the evil goddess of chromatic dragons, spawn of Io and sister of Bahamut (god of the good metallic dragons).

DnD "Tyranny of Dragons" game art
DnD "Tyranny of Dragons" game art
Provided by Wizards of the Coast

According to the WotC:

This rich new narrative challenges players around the world to rise up against hoards of evil dragons, including Tiamat, the most fearsome dragon in D&D’s history! With a full suite of entertainment offerings already starting to roll-out, and many more exciting launches slated for later this year, Tyranny of Dragons offers action-packed play experiences for digital and tabletop RPG players alike.

D&D ' s free-to-play MMORPG, Neverwinter’s, Tyranny of Dragons module will include a new character class, the Scourge Warlock (example in attached IGN video), and a new race, Dragonborn.

"Hoard of the Dragon Queen" will be released on August 19 for the tabletop adventurers to begin the Tyranny storyline. Then, on October 21, "The Rise of Tiamat" will be released to delve even deeper into the narrative.

The new line comes on the heels of the release of the new core rules for the tabletop RPG. This comes after the public 2 year "D&D Next" playtest. The Player's Handbook was previously available at select game stores and will be wide released August 19. The remaining core books will be released later this year. The Monster Manual will be out September 30 and the Dungeon Master’s Guide will be on shelves November 18.

WizKids Games, known for Hero Clix and Star Trek: Attack Wing, have teamed up with WotC to create a line of miniatures to enhance Tyranny of Dragons RPG quests. The “Icons of the Realms” Starter Set is available now and features the famous drow ranger, Drizzt Do’Urden as well as these 5 figures: dwarf cleric, human ranger, Halfling rogue, Northlands fighter, and elf wizard. The dynamic duo of WizKids and Wizards of the Coast is also looking to release D&D Attack Wing on October 21. There will be a D&D Attack Wing Tyranny of Dragons a six-month Story Line Organized Play event possibly coming to a hobby shop near you. Register with the WizKids Event System here to find out when and where.

Now let us band together across the realms (both PC and tabletop) and show Tiamat we will not bow to her tyranny!

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