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The Tyler Project should qualify for a Cultural Grant

kids watch a demonstration between rehearsals.
kids watch a demonstration between rehearsals.
Indira Tyler

This season as the school bells are starting to ring all over town, parents, teachers and students start another school year. With the recent news of the LAUSD's roll out of the new record keeping "MiSiS" system that is is making headlines, parents scratch their heads hearing of the mass confusion. We collectively prepare for another year of PTA meetings and fundraising galas to promote the most vital aspects of the school day for our kids. Not sure what you hear from your kid, but my students tell me their favorite part of the day is...ARTS CLASS.....and of course, lunch.

Even though this cumbersome school district is overly complicated and often sluggish in it's approach, the LAUSD is still doing one thing right, employing high quality teachers. As the first days of school are still a fragrant reminder from the cafeteria tables, we see the great teachers emerge like champions in the arena of this amazing educational system. The ARTS are always MY favorite team. Although the Science and English department may disagree, I love the ARTS. I volunteer and help as many great organizations as I possibly can. One particular organization is very dear to my heart, The Tyler Project is a bright spot in the educational group in my area of town. Indira Tyler is the heart of this amazing program, she is an accomplished teacher with the LAUSD who has created special programs and after school activities for many years with only a small group of supporters from the community. One of her annual efforts is the Summer Intensive Arts and Jazz festival we celebrated in June.

A great program that really could use some help to keep it going.

In my efforts to promote and support this great program and allow it continue to employ dozens of artists master teachers, I offered my versatile services as a marketing and promotional guru. This program is a vital asset for AT RISK adolescents that otherwise may not ever have the opportunity to experience fine art instruction. It's because of dedicated teachers like INDIRA TYLER that it's so important to assisted these kind of organizations with the money that is set aside for these very special offerings. After careful consideration of the MANY requirements, we applied to the Department of Cultural Affairs for a Cultural Grant. After attending a 2 hour seminar at a library in Encino, we were pumped up to do the arduous task of the application process. A prerequisite of applying for a grant is this other interesting project named the CULTURAL DATA PROJECT that I had never even heard of until this time.

It took all three highly educated professionals to pull all the stuff together in time, but we got the 8 copies of the app and stacks of other required paperwork into the mail by the last cut off time for the 8/15/2014 postmark. I'll let you know what happens in the next, action packed episode of Cat gets grants series!