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The Two Sides of Tyler Gallant

The Cast and Crew of "The Horologist."
The Cast and Crew of "The Horologist."
Photo by © 2014 Bruce Haseley Photography. All Rights Reserved

Tyler Gallant might just be the luckiest guy I know. He has been a professional athlete, lived on both coasts of the US, has always been true to his passions, and his acting skills are in demand both in Los Angeles and Phoenix. Blessed? Of course. An amazingly bright future? Without doubt.

Tyler’s acting bug took hold at the age of 7, when he made his first film Nightmare with cousin Dennis Hurley. He played his exact opposite then – the villain – and has been in love with film since. He continued making movies with that side of his family until moving to Arizona from Boston at the age of 9.

The Coyotes moved to Phoenix about the same time Tyler did, and he found himself enamored, playing hockey with family and friends. His talent was evident early on and he wound up moving to Minot, ND (of all places!) to follow a hockey coach and develop his skills at a level he couldn’t have found here in the Valley. From there he went on to college in Wisconsin, all the while refining his technique on the ice. He also studied film arts while in school, and rediscovered the love of his childhood behind the camera.

After college he went on to play professionally in the minor leagues with teams like the Utah Grizzlies and the Arizona Sundogs. Tyler played for several teams during his hockey career before being benched by a serious injury. He had skated with other pro players during the 2012 lockout to help keep them fresh, and then found himself with the ability to return to his other passion: acting.

Tyler’s first professional gig wasn’t much of a stretch for him – he starred in a Barbasol commercial aimed at hockey fans. Other modeling and acting roles came his way, like the short film Night of the Sea Monkey which also stars horror icon Lynn Lowry and well known locals Rob Edwards and Stacie Stocker. If Gallant has any regrets, it’s that he didn’t continue to create film content after moving to Arizona. But he is certainly making up for lost time. Several projects are in the works, including The Horologist. from Director/Writer/Producer Marcelo Dietrich and Poison Sky from Steve Wargo.

The Horologist. itself has an interesting story. Last year Dietrich won a silent auction at a fundraiser for the Jerome Indie Film & Music Festival. The item he won was a Film in a Box, which gave Dietrich the opportunity to finally see his story on camera with the help of Executive Producers George Nemeh, Kelly Tweedie Dominguez, Steven Edward Dominguez and The Mike Wong. Gallant says that The Horologist. is a top shelf production with an accomplished cast and crew. The short film will, appropriately, premiere at the second annual Jerome festival this year on June 14th in the historic hippy town.

Dietrich met Gallant through mutual friend Renee Bryant and surreptitiously interviewed him for the role. A friendly chat turned into a lead role as Alex, a young man whose father’s obsession with time is passed on to his son. Gallant pulled from his own depths of emotion to bring Alex to life. His biggest supporters are his own parents and grandmother, and when Gallant considered what it would be like to lose them, he had no trouble stepping into the sentiments needed for Alex.

A friend from his hockey days, George Nemeh has been influential in Gallant’s career. Nemeh is a SAG Signatory Producer who got Tyler involved in a series pilot for Tales From Old Town and is also producing a feature called Poison Sky. The Poison Sky project finds Gallant in the lead role of Dr. David Gibson, and involves the likes of Kevin Sorbo, Glenn Plummer and Nicole A Randall. While filming the pilot for Tales From Old Town, Gallant was able to interact with longtime friend and NFL Veteran Simeon Rice. (Rice is currently Directing and Producing Prey, due late in 2014.) One of Gallant’s prior films, Roman’s Road is also up for Best Picture in several festivals and may find itself in the holy land of Cannes.

Though he was recently featured in IMDB’s “Famous Actors Who Were Athletes” and broke the Top 20k barrier on the site, Gallant has not let success go to his head. He loves to make connections and help the people around him live out their passions. He recently found an on-screen role for the daughter of friend and fellow hockey pro Shane Doan. Gracie loved every minute of her day on set, and for Gallant, seeing her launch her dream career was all the thanks he needed.

When not on screen, you can find Tyler Gallant on the ice. He coaches youth hockey players at a national level, and it allows him to set his own hours in the acting world. Having two passions alive and well in his life has helped him avoid stress – when one world heats up, the other provides escape, just as he hopes his films do for those who watch. I get the feeling that he gets as much satisfaction – if not more – from seeing his players’ success than from his own. (He has even made a bold claim supporting the Bruins in this year’s quest for the Stanley Cup, but this Chicago girl will chalk that lack of judgment up to his Boston roots.)

Gallant’s family is his main support, and he took his Grandmother as his date to the Night of the Sea Monkey premiere. His mother is his toughest critic and helps him learn lines for roles, particularly for The Horologist. From his father, Gallant inherited his love for hockey – and the whole lot of them are perfectionists.

Ultimately Gallant will work full time as an actor and creator of dreams. He keeps himself surrounded by positive people who keep him grounded, and his spirituality minimizes the bumps in the road. Through his own successes, the actor hopes to continue to give back to the community that has been so welcoming for him and to make the connections that help others reach their goals.

So while some might see him as Lucky on the surface because of his success, Tyler Gallant is instead Gifted. Being able to combine two passions into a successful career that at its heart benefits those around him is something only a few people can claim. Watch for a stellar future from this athlete turned actor on the fast track.

Special thanks to Susan Rienzo and Marcelo Dietrich for their involvement.

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